UPSC Interview UPSC Interview Tricky Questions Know Here Answer

UPSC Interview

The most important thing to get any job is to clear its interview. Even the smartest of the smart people are often confused by the questions asked in the interview. UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission (Union Public Service Commission) exam interview is very difficult. Therefore, the candidates who take this exam prepare for the written exam as well as the interview. The questions in UPSC Interview are outside the syllabus. Most of the questions are based on General Knowledge. These questions are asked to the candidate to check his IQ level and general knowledge information. Let us know what kind of questions can be asked to the candidate in UPSC interview.

1.Question: Which is the country where the President is elected every year?
Answer: Switzerland.

2.Question: Which acid is present in the fruits which are sour?
Answer: Citric Acid.

3.Question: Which animal does not drink water?
Answer: Kangaroo, Rat.

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4.Question: Who was the author of Ramayana?
Answer: Valmiki.

5.Question: What is the full form of CA?
Answer: Chartered Accountant.

6.Question: What is it that is round but not ball, glass but not mirror, gives light but not sun?
Answer: Bulb.

7.Question: What is such a thing that keeps on moving day and night?
Answer: River.

8.Question: Which planet has the most moons?
Answer: Saturn.

9.Question: What is the full form of DM?
Answer: District Magistrate.

10. Question: Full form of CDO?
Answer: Chief Development Officer.

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