UPSC Interview Questions What Is That Thing That Has No Weight, But No One Can Hold It For Long | Questions asked in UPSC interview

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The more difficult the UPSC exam is, the more difficult its interview is. In fact, in UPSC interviews, questions are asked by rotating in such a way that the best candidate gets confused and he gives wrong answer to the simple question. These questions are asked to check the IQ level of the candidate. Here are some similar questions. So that you can get an idea that such questions can be asked in UPSC interview.

1.Question: A fish that cannot drown in water?
Answer: Selfish.

2.Question: What is such a thing that has no weight, but no one can hold it for a long time?
Answer: Breathe.

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3.Question: What is something that belongs to you but is used by other people?
Answer: Your name

4.Question: How many hearts does an octopus have?
Answer: Three

5.Question: How many degrees can an owl rotate its head?
Answer: 270 degrees.

6. Question: Seeing a young woman, Mohan said that she is the only daughter of my grandfather’s son, what is that girl of Mohan?
Answer: Sister

7. Question: What is such a thing after marriage that the husband never takes from his wife, but the wife takes it as soon as she gets married?
Answer: Surname

8. Question: What is Minute called in Hindi?
Answer: moment


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