UPSC Interview Questions A Language That When Spoken Directly Or In Reverse Gives The Same Meaning?

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Every year lakhs of youth of our country appear in the UPSC exam. But there are only a few candidates who pass this exam and become an officer. Many candidates clear the preliminary and main written exam conducted by UPSC. But the questions asked in the UPSC interview become a hindrance in their path. Many such questions are asked in UPSC interview. Those whose answers are easy, but due to being asked in a strange way, the candidates get confused. Some tricky questions which have been asked in UPSC interview also.

1. Question- Which country in the world has the most nuclear weapons?
Answer: Russia.

2. Question- Which is the most dangerous weapon in the world?
Answer: Nuclear.

3. Question- Which is the most dangerous missile of India?
Answer- Agni-5.

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4. Question- Who will be heavier in one kg of cotton and one kg of stone?
Answer- Both will have equal weight.

5. Question- Such a language which when spoken directly or in reverse gives the same meaning?
Answer- Malayalam.

6. Question- What is it that a person can take but can never give back?
Answer- Jaan.

7. Question- What is such a thing that people do not want to eat but they have to eat?
Answer: Cheating.

8. Question- Which is the smallest country?
Answer: Vatican City.

9. Answer- The closer you go, the less it will be visible, what is this?
Answer: Dark.

10. Question- What is the work that a person can do even after death?
Answer: Organ donation.

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