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Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

UPSC IAS Success Story: To crack the UPSC exam, which is one of the toughest exams in the country, the candidate should prepare the right strategy. It takes years for the candidates to clear this exam. Today we will tell you about an IAS officer who prepared himself physically and mentally to prepare for the exam. We are talking about IAS officer Anupama Anjali. She is a 2018 batch IAS officer.

IAS Anupama Anjali is a Mechanical Engineering graduate. Also, he had cleared the UPSC exam in the second attempt. His father is an IPS officer. Anupama Anjali says that negative thoughts are common during UPSC exam preparation. According to him, the candidate gets mentally stressed during the preparation of the exam. But the candidates must remain positive about the exam.

IAS gave this advice
He says that the candidate should take small breaks while preparing for the exam. IAS Anupama said that it is very necessary for the candidate to exercise and concentrate. This will keep the candidates fit and will also help them to stay positive. IAS Anupama Anjali is preparing for UPSC and advised the candidates to stay away from all kinds of distractions while preparing for the exam. He advised the candidates to study instead of partying.


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