Umesh Kaushik Being a Popular Business Aimer with TIMES OF UP and Xpert Times

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

As a Music Producer, other social networks have changed the lives of young Indians, which is reflected in their way of life as more and more young people become involved in online work and reading amazing latest headlines.

There are a lot of young people who are very active on social media like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. The combination of these two categories works wonders and this is attested to by the young Music Producer and Musical Artist Umesh Kaushik, of Jattari in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

He has a zealous and hard-working background and his sense of propriety guides him in all his actions.

Umesh Kaushik appreciated the difference between the poor and devoted his life to the cause. He has the support of some precious people, mother, father, and younger sister that helped him to create amazing buzz and build a strong network that allowed him to do more in the news organizations.

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Umesh and Jitendra Kumar are two owners of both organisations. They both are amazing business creator men known for their amazing launching of two organizations.

About Umesh Kaushik

Umesh Kaushik was born 29 November 2001 is an Indian-Musical Artist, Music Producer, an author, founder of TIMES OF UP and the chief executive officer (CEO) of Xpert Times. Umesh Kaushik launched TIMES OF UP as a founder in 2021 and became the CEO of Xpert Times in 2021.


Personal Life

Umesh Kaushik was born on 29 November 2001 in Jattari, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. He belongs to an Indian Hindu Family and was born in the Kaushik family. There are 4 people in his family. Sanjay Sharma, father of Umesh Kaushik is an Indian farmer and was bus owner of two buses. Premlata, mother of Umesh Kaushik is an Indian Household lady. Himanshi Kaushik, younger sister of Umesh Kaushik is a Graduation Student and most supportive for his brother Umesh Kaushik. Late.Soniram Sharma and Shakuntla Devi were the grandparents of Umesh Kaushik.



Umesh Kaushik completed his school education from Babuji Convent School Jattari Aligarh and completed his Intermediate from R K Inter College Raya Mathura. He is a graduate student of Galgotias University.


Umesh Kaushik started his career with music and writing a book in 2020.  2 Stories by Umesh Kaushik is the first book of Umesh Kaushik after that in 2022 he wrote a book on how to build a website with the help of wordpress ‘Build a site on WP’. He has also released more than 15+ tracks on more than 250+ online platforms. Umesh Kaushik is also verified on more than 20+ social media.



Umesh Kaushik was launched TIMES OF UP on 05 august 2021 in Jattari, Aligarh. Jitendra Kumar(social activist) is the CEO of TIMES OF UP. After that Xpert time was launched by Jitendra Kumar on 21 October 2021 in New Delhi. Umesh Kaushik is the CEO of Xpert Times. Umesh Kaushik has also launched his music label Soni Ram Music in his grandfather’s name.


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