Udaariyaan Written Episode Update: Naaz and Nikhil Get Married

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Scene 1

Nehmat reads Jayveer’s case. I can’t tell Ekam, she says. She approaches her supervisor. ADVIT is present. She responds, “I’ll be here later. It’s okay, sir.” I want you to publish this file quickly, he says. The newspaper’s photo of Ekam is seen by Advait. Her supervisor has instructed us to write an essay about Punjab’s dishonest police officers. I would need some time for that, according to Nehmat. The research will take some time. Do what I say, he commands. Advait remembered Jayveer being against his father. At the mall is Ekam. He is frequently called. You don’t have time to buy for your sister’s wedding, advises Mallika. You receive calls all the time since you’re such a wonderful cop. I am an excellent cop, he says. She cries out, “Help now, I’ll hope that you marry Nehmat.” Who can stop that, he asks. For Nehmat, anything is possible. Nehmat is anxious. All right, Advait inquires? Just job stress, she claims. I can assist you as a buddy, he claims. You may give it to me. Nehmat remains silent. Thanks. Tell me as a buddy, what’s wrong, he requests. An SMS is sent to Nehmat. She says I’ll take care of it. Nehmat contacts Ekam. As per Mallika, we are in town to shop. Advait advises me to make sure Nehmat doesn’t uncover any information on this case. If we may go shopping, he asks Mallika over the phone. Yes, she answers.

Scene 2

Rama visits Naaz’s home. Introduced by Nikhil. Shally claims the interaction was really cinematic. Rama claims that we can perform even another comparable task. I’m coming to beg Naaz for Nikhil’s hand. They both esteem one another. But they just met, Rupy argues. This generation, according to Rama, prefers to move swiftly. Naaz will live there as my daughter, according to Rama. Ji responds with “yes,” says Shally. Says Rupy, “Yes.” She must wear bangles, per Rama. Nehmat enters. Rama doesn’t enjoy seeing her. Congratulations, Nehmat, says Shally. Your sister is tying the knot. According to Rama, I intended to marry Nikhil and Naaz on the same day as Mallika and Advait. Naaz will have to spend her special day with someone else, according to Shally. Pandit Ji shows up. He looks over the Kundli. You just have a week, he says. Nehmat is in disbelief. How will we prepare so soon, asks her mother? Rama claims I’ll take care of everything. Do you not feel cheerful, asks Shally. Nehmat claims that I am overjoyed for her. She could be pondering when her moment would come, according to Rama. She is the senior sister. Nehmat is the happiest person, according to Naaz. Rupy claims that we have also engaged her. She acknowledges that she is dating Mallika’s brother.

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Scene 3

Advait ruminates on that piece. Nehmat is anxious. How am I going to stop this piece, she asks. Naaz and Nikhil are captured on camera by Madam Ji. I hope my Naaz is content, she adds. Nehmat claims that I cannot publish everything. She requests, “Mama Papa, show me the way.” I’m at a loss for what to do. Tekam calls her. She leaves. Naaz, Madam Ji’s apologies. You had to go, and I had to come here. I’m really glad your wedding will take place in a residence I own.



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