Two NEET aspirants die by suicide in Kota Rajasthan

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Two National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) hopefuls are said to have killed themselves. In two different incidences in Kota, Rajasthan, raising the yearly death toll to 22.

According to reports, Avishkar Shambaji Kasle, 17, leaped from his coaching center’s building in Jawahar Nagar minutes after leaving a room on the third floor after taking a test. Kasle was taken to the hospital by the workers of the institute. But he passed away in the middle of the trip, according to Vigyan Nagar Circle Officer (CO) Dharmveer Singh.

NEET UG kota news suicide news

Another NEET applicant, 18-year-old Adarsh Raj, hung himself in his rental apartment four hours after Kasle died.

Around 7.30 p.m., the teen’s sister and brother discovered him hanging from the ceiling. Kasle, a Class 12 student from the Latur region of Maharashtra, was living with his maternal grandparents in a leased room in the Talwandi neighborhood. He was preparing for the NEET UG examination there for three years.

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According to CO Singh, who also noted that Kasle’s parents are Maharashtra government school teachers. Raj, a resident of the Rohtas region of Bihar, had been studying for the NEET UG exam in a Kota coaching facility for a year. And was residing in a rented two-bedroom apartment with his sister and his brother. Both of them were also preparing for competitive exams.

NEET UG kota news suicide news

No suicide notes were found in either of the student’s rooms, according to the authorities. Following a regular test on the third floor of the coaching facility during the lunchtime session. Kasle jumped from the sixth floor of the structure onto a level 72 feet below in the backyard, according to the Vigyan Nagar CO.

He added that it would be investigated how the adolescent managed to reach the sixth level. While being watched by personnel and other students. Kasle was scoring well before but in the most recent routine test. He slipped from 575 to 288 marks. Which is likely why he committed suicide, according to CO Singh.

Both bodies will undergo a post-mortem on Monday following the arrival of their parents. With the deaths of Kasle and Raj, there have now been a total of six coaching-related suicides in Kota this month and 22 overall this year. In the coaching hotspot, fifteen coaching students committed suicide last year, and 3 lakh students from all over the nation are currently studying in the city’s various colleges for competitive exams.

What factors raise the risk of suicide in students?

  • Academic Pressure: Excessive stress and pressure to perform well on tests can result from high expectations from parents and society. For some students, this pressure to perform can be too much, leaving them with emotions of failure and hopelessness.
  • Mental Health Issues: Students’ suicides may be influenced by mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.
    Stress, loneliness, and a lack of support can make these conditions worse.
  • Loneliness & Isolation: In educational centers, many students travel from a distance and live apart from their friends and family. This may result in feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can be particularly challenging to manage in a strange workplace where there is competition.


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