Tumeko Allen: The Global Fitness Sensation

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Tumeko Jo Allen (born 6 September 1973), better known by her first name Tumeko is an American model, fitness consultant, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She was born in Swainsboro GA. Even though she was born in Swainsboro, she has spent most of her childhood in Atlanta.

After completing her education in Business Management at the University of Phoenix, she worked as a real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia for seventeen years and even though she was extremely successful in her career, she decided to follow her passion, which was fitness.

Currently, she is better known by her trendy name, Bodybyshowtime. After posting breathtaking pictures of her fitness regime, and body positivity, she rose to fame, with huge people following her on various social media platforms. As a fitness influencer, she promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle, she works out twice a day for six days a week and believes that a fit and healthy body is the key to a joyous life. But Tumeko Allen is much more than that, she is an avid Mariah Carey follower and she herself is also a singer and a songwriter. Along with that, she is also a Natural Pro Bikini Athlete and has competed in various bodybuilding events, being placed first in her division.

She is the proud owner of Butterfly Apparel Shop, a fashion company, focusing on sports bras, leggings and various other things and has also launched her own shoe line, The Butterfly Trainers. Along with this, she is also planning to launch her beauty brand and debut her EP in the Spring of 2023.

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She is one of the most sought celebrity real estate agents and has collaborated with prominent figures, such as Ne-Yo. She is a star and artist, branching out and re-exploring her passion with her love for fitness.

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