Top Gun 2 Is So Good They Don’t Want To Sell It To Netflix

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

In Paramount Pictures they are so shocked with Top Gun 2 that they prefer to delay the premiere and that it can be seen in theaters than it goes to Netflix.

The big movie studios have a big dilemma with their most powerful releases. Since they have 4 options such as: Release on the chosen date and risk that theaters are not yet 100%, delay their release date, premiere at the same time in cinema and streaming or go directly to streaming. So that is the great doubt of Paramount Pictures with Top Gun 2 since they consider that in a normal time in theaters it would be an exaggerated box office, but today everything is uncertainty.

Top Gun 2 is one of the films that seek to find their place against the coronavirus pandemic. Since it was scheduled for its premiere in June 2020, but then they were somewhat optimistic and moved it to Christmas 2020, to finally give it the date of July 9, 2021. Although obviously at any time this could change.

Do not rule out that it will be released directly in streaming.

Another reason why Paramount Pictures has rejected Netflix’s offer for Top Gun 2 is that the film studio is ready to take over CBS All Access and turn it into its own streaming service that will be ready in a couple of months.

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This means that if theaters are not yet 100% your movies could be released there directly. So starting your battle against your gigantic rivals like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Video or HBO Max with Top Gun 2 is not a bad option either. Although for now they do not want to lose the benefits that its arrival in theaters will mean. Since there is a lot of desire to see Tom Cruise as Maverick again and also the film is so spectacular that it will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially since it has been shot in such a realistic way that living the experience in movie theaters will have nothing to do with watching it at home.

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