Top 6 Tips And Tricks For Men To Dress With Fashion In Their 20s

Zafeer Khan
Zafeer Khan - Content Writer

The most significant error that Indian guys make in fashion is dressing younger or older than they actually are. A style manual for young males in their 20s and 30s

Indian stylists will tell you that choosing appropriate clothes for their age is the one fashion challenge that most Indian men encounter. In spite of their feeble attempts to adopt their father’s sense of style and project a more mature appearance, it turns out that the 20-something generation faces its own set of decadal challenges. And guys in their 30s are able to mistake the difficult trials of life for a flavorless wardrobe full of triple-value tees.

Discover Your Dressing Sense In your 20s

Experiments: Use trial-and-error when choosing attire, as in the 20s. Keep trying because it’s still too early to determine your personality or unique look. You can probably only do this once or twice and get away with it. So proceed.

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Basic purchases: Choose a few essential items, such as a fitted blazer, a dress shirt, and a pair of slim-fitting pants. These will eventually be the parts you turn to for guidance.


Fit matters: You don’t have to appear cool with a silhouette that is two sizes too big because you’re not 18 anymore. The torso should be slim without being tight, and the shoulder seams should strike you at the shoulder. The shirt has to be properly fitted. You can’t tell, but it will distinguish you from the other kids who will wear their father’s shirt.


Abnormal logos: You don’t have to be an advertisement. Why display apparel company advertising on your chest? Pick simple T-shirts. Kids’ toys are for high school students.


Keep the interview supplies close by: You’re going to land a job right now, so get ready. Anything arrogant or loud should be avoided (that peach-sized dial watch may go). Spend your money on a matching belt and a pair of wingtip brogues.


Ensure formality: Black is your closest companion. The ideal suit is a two-button black number with side vents. You raise your suave factor by adding it to a white French-cuffed shirt, patent leather lace-ups, and a bow tie.

Mature and Sleek Fashion In Your 30s

Create a look: Spending money is not always necessary to have a distinctive character. Decide what suits you. Is it brightly lined suit coats or monogrammed shirts? After that, sprinkle these-incorporating clothing items across your outfit.

Don’t look like a mall dad: If you go shopping on a Sunday, you’ll run into guys who wear frat boy cargo shorts or worn-out, oversized dad jeans. You don’t lose your cool just because you don’t go out drinking with the guys every night of the week. Your first step to restoring style is to find a pair of well-fitting dark-wash jeans.

Mean business: Ditch the bulky shoes and belt; you’re definitely someone’s boss now, and you should ideally have a pay cheque that can support an upgrade. Invest in a dress watch, a tailored suit, a slim, reversible black-brown belt (preferably Italian manufactured), and a pair of basic silver cufflinks.

Be selective: Learn how to Fashion distinguish classy language from vulgar. It’s past due. For instance, if the edge stitches look awkward, the suit is probably not very good. Is the edge of the lapel indented? That’s a warning. Consider the collar’s fit and the placement of the sleeve. Does the top stitching on the sleeve exist? Stay away.

Keep old-fashioned out: Don’t be the season after 1980s-themed ties are worn by men. Right now, textured ones made of wool or linen are popular. A well-made, fresh shirt always looks good.

Maintain a “don’t touch” list: In this decade, keep in mind that there are some things you don’t consider sports. Throw away Ed Hardy shirts, jeans that hang below the line of your knickers, leather bracelets, and Crocs. Evolve!


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