Top 5 ways to lose fat and get lean

Zafeer Khan
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Who doesn’t wanna look amazing in clothes? Do you really want to lose that stubborn fat? From performing better in your favorite sport to wooing your crush in today’s modern world everyone wants to look amazing. Although to look at the bigger picture, one should not run after the physical aspects of one’s individuality and remember to keep materialistic goals aside and do the grind for your own satisfaction and enjoyment. After competing and winning in several state and district competitions, and being a part of this industry for the last 3 years, I believe I have added enough value to the lives of my fellow athletes who struggled the same.

Top 5 tips and tricks to lose fat

TIP #1: Eat right and learn the art of ‘Calorie Deficit’


When it comes to losing fat, people often confuse it with losing weight and start to skip their meals. They forbid themselves to eat anything! Which is not only torture on the psychological level but also on a scientific level it harms more than doing any good. Skipping meals or not eating right will lead to bad moods, depression, dark circles, and a passive lifestyle. Eating less protein or fewer carbohydrates will force your body to lose the hard-earned muscles.

Eating in a calorie deficit not only forces to make your body to lose fat every day, but also establishes discipline toward one’s lifestyle and eating choices. You should know your maintenance calories(the number of calories which when you eat, your body neither loses weight nor gains any fat.) Eating under those maintenance calories is called the state of “calorie deficit”.

Tip #2: Eat enough proteins


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I cannot stress more, to lose fat and gain muscle you need to eat the right amount of proteins. Proteins will keep you full for longer durations throughout the day and due to higher exothermic value, they will help in burning more of that evil fat. Eating enough proteins will lead your body to grow enough muscle to burn even more fat as fuel and give you leaner look. Every guy looks amazing with that V-taper back and 3D shoulders, who knows your crush might want to squeeze that bicep. Not only proteins but have portion control over your carbohydrates, as every carb molecule that enters your body takes up to 10 molecules of water attached to it, which in turn gives you that puffier and swollen look.

One should aim to at least eat a gram for their body weight in kg. For example, say a person weighs 70 kg, so he or she should eat at least 70 to 80 gms of protein every day! Given, this estimation is considering his passive lifestyle that doesn’t include any physical activity or sports. When under any training or physical stress one should at least aim for 1.5gm of protein.

Tip #3: Lift weights


When it comes to losing fat lifting weights had also been more efficient in the longer term than just plain boring cardio (if it isn’t .. 😉 …).  Lifting weights not only damages muscle fibers on a microscopic level, which forces your body to repair them via muscle protein synthesis which makes them bigger and stronger than the last time. After lifting weights, we face soreness in certain overworked muscle groups. This soreness must be treated with adequate hydration, protein, and of course sleep.

Without a doubt, you can also incorporate a little un-periodic cardio for better results. Cardio strategies like HIIT twice a week and LIIT 4 times a week have shown the best results when paired with heavy lifting according to the studies. While recovering sleeping properly and prioritizing hydration is the key.

Tip #4: Track your meals


You should always be aware of what is going on inside your body. Your body doesn’t know if it’s paani puri from your favorite chat Gali or it’s Kareem’s biryani, every food is allowed until you eat in a calorie deficit and fulfilling your protein, carbs, and fat intake. Repeating similar meals is the key here, make your own food. Boiled eggs as snacks and protein shake for breakfast is an amazing example.

As we live in India, Roti-daal-chawal being our staple food, we need a bit more protein dominating diet rather than stuffing our faces with carbohydrates all day. Add salads, raw-seasonal vegetables, and fruits for dietary fiber.

Tip #5: Enjoy the process


Understand the psychology of your transformation. You are doing this for pure joy and a better living, not for that photo, you’re gonna post on Instagram. Healthy living is much more than just losing fat and building a muscular body. It’s more of a way of living and respecting your body. Eating healthy and working out should relax you not tense you even more. Remember weighing yourself every day is only going to build an illusion of no progress, which means doing it weekly.

Create personal and realistic goals for yourself. Remember losing more than a kg/week is stressful for our body, so go slow and go long rather than extreme for a short duration. There it is! You now know all the basic pillars of losing fat. Stay motivated, stay hydrated, and most importantly have faith in yourself. For amazing tips like this stay tuned to Interviewer Pr

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