Top 5 Mysterious Places All Around The World

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

The world is full of mysterious places and unique places. There’s nothing more exciting than a place that is full of mystery. And if you want a nerve-racking exciting adventure then you can try all these types of places and go for adventure. And, if you are someone who enjoys exploring such destinations, our planet is brimming with such surreal sites, sites that are downright bizarre. And no, we’ll not tell you about the ones you already know, such as Bermuda Triangle or Nazca Lines in Peru or Area 51, United States. Let us take you on a virtual tour of some of the world’s most underrated mysterious places and the list of places

1 Kamakhya Devi Temple, India

One of the most mysterious places in India. Kamakhya temple is located in the beautiful hills of the Northeastern Indian state of Assam. The temple is full of mysteries and stories. It is said to be one of the Shakti Peethas(places where Goddess Sati’s body parts fell on Earth) in India, where Goddess Kali is venerated. In a year for 3 days in one of the months, the temple gets closed by itself and opens only after 3 days. According to the people, from olden times believes that during these 3 days. The goddess goes through her menstrual cycle and the water of the Brahmaputra river, which flows near the temple, turns red with her blood!

2 Roswell, USA

Roswell in New Mexico is a hub of alien conspiracy theories. In 1947, the small US city hit headlines when a ranch worker informed the local authorities that he stumbled upon debris from a flying saucer crash. This place is best for all those people conspiracy theories lovers.

3 Kodinhi – the Village of Twins, India

Kodinhi is one of the mysterious places in India.  Kodinhi is a small village in Kerala, situated about 35 km from Calicut.  Around 2000 families live in this pretty south Indian village and almost every family has a pair of twins. This small village is known for its twin kids since 1949. Currently, there are 200 families with twins. And even scientists can’t solve the mysteries of these twin kids.

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4 Crooked Forest, Poland

The place is exactly like the name. The Crooked Forest is one of the most weirdest and mysterious places in Poland and is known for its weird scenic beauty. The trees in these Crooked Forest are weirdly twisted (almost 90 degrees at the trunk). This makes the forest mysterious and is a huge tourist attraction. People often come to these forests in search of adventure and to look at the beautiful scenic trees. There are over 400 pine trees which are all twisted and the mystery is still unsolved as to why are they crooked.

5 Great Blue Hole, Belize

This place has long attracted divers and underwater explorers for its unexplained phenomena – the world’s biggest sinkhole, measuring 1000 ft (304 m) across and plunging to 400 feet (122 m) deep! It’s one of the most mysterious and unexplored underwater sites on Earth. The place is in the middle of the big ocean and in the middle of the light blue ocean lies these dark blue hole.

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