Top 5 Movies of Bollywood Movies 2022

According to Allmax Media, roughly 112 Hindi films were released in 2022. This includes dubbed South films. The share of South films is nearly 35 percent.

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List- timber is delightful tricky and always contentious. Whereas what is the fun if we do not make a list of the Top 5 pictures of Bollywood in 2022 and argue about it? According to Allmax Media, roughly 112 Hindi films were released in 2022. This includes dubbed South films. Incredibly the box office share of South films is nearly 35 percent. Pre-pandemic this used to be lower than 15. easily, the geography is shifting drastically. As far as the list goes, we are also going to count the dubbed version of movies other than Hindi.

#5 Kamal Hasan starrer Vikram

Vikram boils your testosterone. Pen-director Lokesh Kanakraj seasons the implacable manhood with solid jotting.” Um teen seeti mar” moments, great action sequences, and a triangle of leading men, who makes every scene a set piece. Consider the atrocious preface of Vijay Sethupathi as the vicious Santhanam, who runs a medicine combination with his family. Or that scene in which Fahadh Faasil sees his guillotined woman.

Or that interval scene in which Kamal Hassan AKA Vikram reveals that he is still alive. There is also Surya as Rolex, maybe the most awaited baddie in recent movie history. Agent Tina dies in the line of duty but I am hopeful that Lokesh will produce some space for a woman in this instigative macrocosm.

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# 4 Ponniyan Selvan 1

I will admit that this bone is a bit of a cheat. Since the Bollywood or Hindi dub of PS1 left me unsatisfied and indeed a little bit confused, so I redefined the original Tamil interpretation. The sheer scale of sets and trouble in the computer-generated imagery and art won everybody’s hearts. First, consider the sheer life of Mani Ratnam’s stirring gift. His first film Pallavi Anu Pallavi made it to theatre nearly 40 times ago in 1983. Also, suppose about the pressure and responsibility at hand. PS1 re-narrates Kalki’s five-volume literal fabrication novel. Kalki’s five volumes are soo cherished throughout the generations and it’s fluently considered the stylish work in Tamil literature.


Indeed beginning the restatement of such an elaborate and great script into a two-part movie is a challenge on its own. The textbook is restated into a movie with similar fineness and the beauty of it’s a mark of a true genius. When asked,’ if Ps1 was the Tamil Game of Thrones,’ Mani Ratnam smiles and said’ perhaps Game of Thrones is the English Ponniyan Selvan. Who knows, he might be right.

# 3 Only Bollywood movie and Alia Bhatt starrer Gangubai Kathiawadi

Pain is a catholicon in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinema. It Powers him as an artist. In Bollywood, he polishes his characters to shine as they suffer. Ever in Bhansali’s pictures, it’s the pain that makes the promoter soo important that no joy could make them. Look at Gangubai a woman pushed into coitus work by her own love. She’s horrifically abused physically and emotionally. But she still remains a force of nature. Unapologetic, Steely, and determined to fight for her rights. This film is like the utmost SLB flicks, beautiful. The dull faded illustrations make the liar more hitting and piercing.


One of my favorite moments is the song’ Meri Jaan’ captured in a nonstop shot. Gangu out with her youthful swain Afshan goes through a diapason of feelings. She’s noway known tenderheartedness with a man. This is a meeting that isn’t business and she does not know what to do. ultimately, she just has him stroke her head he’s heartbreaking and lovely.

2 Rishabh Shetty starrer Kantara

My first response to Kantara was just silence with my eyes out. The imagery and action of the climax were so mesmerizing that I could not get out of my seat — a superb blend of myth and Masala. Kantara is concentrated and emotionally reverberative but also dramatically propulsive and thrilling. Director- pen leading man Rishab Shetty creates a haunting story embedded in the traditions of littoral Karnataka. This also addresses estate the terrain of church and loss. Numerous fans suspect that the supereminent man Shiva is not done with his masterpiece and will add on in an effect.


# 1 RRR My favorite film of the time is RRR.

Over the course of time, I have seen RRR several times. Every time fans re-watch the movie, they find themselves cheering and screaming for the protagonists. When Komaram Bheem makes that inconceivable vault with his creatures. When Bheem and Ram can not walk because their knees have been so poorly damaged by British dogfaces come one fighting machine with ray lading the ordnance and Ram firing. And especially when the two of them dance on Nacho Nacho. The exhilaration erected into every frame by SS Rajamouli does not fade. RRR by SS Rajamouli is a perfect illustration of what cinema should be. Its jaw-dropping and dubiousness is the reason why we watch pictures.


Some honorable mentions

The first half of KGF chapter 2. A succulent and deadly combination of swagger and liar. Bhedia and An action idol both were smart and facetious. Darlings is an atrocious dark comedy about a poisonous marriage. Qala is a portrayal of a songster doomed by her mother and her particular demons. I hope Bollywood in 2023 gives us films filled with audacity ambition and originality. Interviewer Pr wishes you a very Happy New Year. Stay tuned for similar perceptivity.

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