Top 5 Exciting Features Of Gmail You Never Knew Before

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Either you are a student or a professional, G-mail is certainly the staple social service, you might be using. According to recent statistics, G-mail is being utilized by approximately 1.8 Billion population in the world. For enrolling in any organization or for getting access to any app, you’d require to type in an email ID and its password. Today, I’d like to enlist some of the interesting and useful tips that will assist you in managing Gmail conveniently and seamlessly.

Check Out The Following Helpful Features Of G-mail 

  • Hit The Snooze Button:- It is a customized option according to which you can check the particular message as per your convenience. 

Let’s say, you’re busy out with family. Simultaneously, you get a notification from G-mail. You can’t pay heed to it at that particular time. Thereby, you may snooze that mail and set a certain time and date to check it later. Gmail would give you an alert at your set time and move that inbox at the top.

Go to inbox, click on the particular email. Now, tap on the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Select snooze, you’ll come across options like later today, tomorrow, later this week, and so on. Set the requisite time and Gmail will notify you accordingly.

  • Give Access To Your Id Without Password:- Yes, you’ve read it right. You can provide a gateway to your G-mail ID to someone but you don’t require to share the password.

Click on the settings icon at the top right corner, select the settings option under this. Now, go to Accounts And Import – Grant Access To Your Account – Add another account. Here, you need to type the person’s email ID and select Send Email To Grant Access. Thereafter, the person needs to accept your request and can use your email ID with your permission.

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  • Block Annoying People:- This feature is what Gmail users were craving since its advent. Blocking is as normal as break-up these days. Hence, block unnecessary or disturbing creatures. 

Select the message of the person or organization, you intend to block. Then click on the second-highest three dots icon. Click on the block “ABC” and it’s done.

  • Undo The Sent Message:- Often, we realize that we’re not supposed to send this email. However, it’s rather late for this awareness. But, Gmail has got you covered in this regard. 

Tap on the settings icon, then under the general option, you will see a variety of options. Here, choose Undo Send and enable the timer according to your discretion and save changes. Although, I’d suggest you set it to the maximum limit.

  • Mute Persistent Group Mails:- Likewise WhatsApp and other social media apps, Gmail also offers the facility to create groups. And it’s no denying the fact similar to WhatsApp family groups, Gmail groups can also be irritating. Consequently, you may mute them for some inner peace. 

Go to group thread or any general mail, tap the three dots icon, select the Mute option. Hence, all those frustrating messages won’t come on the top and would directly pile up in the Archive category. Cool! Isn’t it?

Probably you were not aware of some of its hidden features. From now on, employ them in your regular mail life and experience the difference.


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