Top 12 Reason Why Your Metabolism is Getting Slower

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Metabolism is process by which our body converts whatever we drink or eat into energy. It keeps changing in our body and with the advancement of our age there is some reason as to why the metabolism rate is slowly lowering with the growing age. There are reasons behind as to why one’s metabolism rate is lowering. Here is the list of all 12 habits as to why your metabolism rate is lowering

1 Eating very less calories:

Very few intakes of calories are also one of the reasons as to why your metabolism is lowering. Although it can help people who are trying to lose weight but drastic drop in calories intake can be harmful for your body.  Your body senses that food is scarce and lowers the rate at which it burns calories.

2 Leaving a sedentary lifestyle:

Most people tend to have workplace or area where they mostly have to sit and work sitting whole day. At work without much of physical activities can really be dangerous.  And it also doesn’t help in burning calories and also one of the reason your metabolism is getting slower.

3 Not getting enough sleep:

Not having enough and good sleep is also one of the reasons as to why your metabolism is not working properly. Sleeping fewer hours than you need may increase your risk of a number of illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

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4 Less Water Intake:

You might think that you will drink water only when you’re thirsty. That’s a very wrong concept. Not drinking enough water throughout the day is also one of the reason as to why your metabolism is lower. One must keep sipping water throughout the day. If you don’t like drinking water than eat it. Fruits like watermelon, cucumbers orange are a healthy and tasty option to satisfy the water intake.

5  Strict diets:

Following a very strict diet can be actually harmful more than being beneficial. Limiting your body with severe diet and exercising too much and eating fewer calories can slower your metabolism. These can backfire because your body clings to those calories, which makes it harder to take the weight off.

6 Eating too many refined calories:

Refined carbohydrates are very different from carbohydrates found in whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. Don’t reach for refined carbs like white flour and sugar. “Those are quick to digest, meaning your body uses less energy to break them down. The higher-in-fiber whole grains slow down digestion and make your body work harder to break down nutrients.

7 Drinking too often:

High alcohol consumption and also regular consumption can be harmful not only for the body. But also for your metabolism.  Alcohol once consumed enters your body can hinder body’s fat-burning speed and thus burning less fat and slowing down your metabolism.  For maintain healthy metabolism stick to drinking red wine or water.

8 Skipping breakfast:

People often tend to ignore breakfast. It is one of the most important fuels for the body to function. Often people due to work, sending kids to school or not getting time to cook ignore breakfast. But if you keep ignoring breakfast than you might end up having slower and slower metabolism.

9 Working out:

Working out with weights is one of the best ways to train your body and also your metabolism. Strength training is one of the best ways to help you lose fat, burn fat and also help in maintain healthy weight. Having a higher amount of fat-free mass significantly increases the number of calories you burn at rest even minimal amounts of strength training appear to boost energy expenditure.

10 Drinking Sugary Beverages:

High intake of soft drinks, artificial fruit drinks can kill your metabolism.  High consumption is linked to various ailments, including insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity. Frequent and too much consumption of sugary drinks can lower your metabolism to a very higher rate.

11 Low Protein:

Low protein intake can also lower your metabolism. You must be wondering how? Eating a protein-rich diet is very important for maintaining a healthy weight.

12 Chronic Stress:

Stress is also one of the main causes of metabolism being slower. When you are in a stressful situation, your body makes a hormone called cortisol. It’s meant to give you a quick boost of energy. But if you’re stuck in a stressed-out zone, the body thinks you still need to fight, so it keeps making cortisol.



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