Tongue Can Indicate If You Are Low On The Sunshine Which Is Vitamin-D Nutrient

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Isn’t it amazing that our tongue can tell us whether we are suffering from vitamin D deficiency or not? But this vitamin deficiency which our tongue indicates is often neglected by us and goes undiagnosed for years and more. That’s when the real problem starts. So if anyone has any of the symptoms it is advised to go visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Ever since the covid 19 pandemic cast a shadow on the lives of humanity and took a toll on the free will of the people. People have been really cautious about taking their vitamin intake regularly to fight the disease or infection. These vitamins are vitamin- C and vitamin- D respectively, Vitamin C is the nutrient that helps to build immunity, and vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin that one needs to be able to keep the body functioning well.

Vitamin D is also the reason for strong bones and it helps to prevent some other types of cancers. So that much importance they hold in the wellbeing of the body. And rightly the pandemic has taught all of us to take them regularly and the importance of all of these vitamins.

Studies have suggested and rightly backed up that the role of vitamin D is of utmost importance as it helps individuals in fighting the deadly corona virus-driven infection- SARS-CoV-2. So what happens when the percentage of vitamin D is low in the body? The low vitamin D portion in the body has been associated with an increase in the inflammatory cytokines and the most increased risk of pneumonia and viral upper respiratory tract infection.

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This vitamin deficiency is associated with an increase in the level of thrombotic episodes. And all of these symptoms are frequently seen in the covid-19.

Vitamin D deficiency is evident more frequently in patients with obesity and diabetes. What does this condition do? All of these conditions are seen to carry higher mortality in covid-19. But yes it is really hard for a normal person to know what they are deficient in the sunshine nutrient, especially when they have not conducted a blood test. So you may ask if there are any symptoms that suggest that someone is deficient in vitamin D.

The burning tongue/mouth syndrome

A study was scheduled by the Department of Dermatology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester which is based in the USA in the year 2017. “In patients with symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS), our results suggest it is reasonable to screen for fasting blood glucose, vitamin D (D2 and D3), vitamin B6, zinc, vitamin B1, and TSH. Deficiencies of vitamin B12 and folic acid were rare.” The study was titled: “Burning mouth syndrome: results of screening tests for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid hormone, and glucose levels-experience at Mayo Clinic over a decade”.

Yet again a report was carried out by, this burning pain or this sensation is mostly located in the lips or tongue, or in some the other cases it is more widespread in the whole of the mouth. One can also sense other symptoms including numbness, dryness, and an unpleasant taste. This sensation can make mealtimes very uncomfortable. But Burning Tongue Syndrome is not exclusively linked to Vitamin D deficiency and can also be caused by a variety of different vitamin and mineral deficiencies, such as vitamin B, iron, and zinc.


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