Tomorrow belongs to us has Liam Baty left the TF1 series?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Liam Baty is at the heart of an intrigue in Tomorrow belongs to us. Rémy has every intention of saying goodbye to Soraya and leaving Sète.

Remy scares the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us for several weeks. The nurse is very much in love with Soraya and has proven to everyone that he is capable of anything, out of love for her.

So, several months ago, he impersonated Delcourt in order to send messages to Soraya. He thought he could win her back that way. Then, he did not hesitate to receive all his packages. It seems to have worked somewhat since Noor’s sister let Thomas down.

Since then, Soraya has forgiven Rémy everything in Tomorrow belongs to us . The two lovers thought they could go far from Sète and make their life in the sun. The nurse could already see himself there and stole money from Victor Brunet as well as an important file.

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Remy pretended to be a victim of the home jacker in the series. Nevertheless, Karim understood everything and intends to do everything to bring down Rémy.


Remy was released from prison because of a miscarriage of justice in Tomorrow belongs to us . Nevertheless, Karim is on his heels and will do everything to stop him once again. Soraya has every intention of helping Remy and has called on Victor.

Rémy will soon leave Sète to go to Turkey and escape prison . He wrote a letter to Soraya telling her to turn the page and start a new life. He wants to see her happy and knows she can’t follow him and be away from her family.

But then, will Liam Baty really leave for good Tomorrow belongs to us? The plot around Rémy seems far from over if we believe All TV. Indeed, the actor will continue to make appearances in the TF1 series.

The fans will therefore see Liam Baty again and the actor will even have a new plot in the series. However, we will have to wait a little longer to find out more.

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