Tom Cruise Bought Anti-COVID Robots For The Set Of Mission Impossible

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

According to rumors, Tom Cruise decided to take extremist measures to combat COVID on the set of Mission Impossible.

After a lot of anger at his teammates and coming up with the idea of building a secure studio on a top-secret military base in Long cross, UK, it wouldn’t be too surprising if the new rumors about Tom Cruise turn out to be true. The actor decided to buy two robots that serve to patrol the film set of Mission Impossible 7.

According to The Sun exclusively (information that of course is not yet confirmed), Tom Cruise would have bought two next-generation robots capable of administering COVID-19 tests to the film’s team at the time. The source of the aforementioned medium described what the devices are like whose objective would be that everyone respects the security measures to be able to face the pandemic: “The robots are really sophisticated and quite intimidating. It’s like Terminator but not that violent. “

Is it true?

The truth is that this information about Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible 7 sounds like science fiction. Although the information was published by a known medium, it has not yet been confirmed. For its part, the North American website Slash film decided to contrast the news by contacting someone close to the production.

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Contrary to what happens with The Sun, sources in the US media assure that there are no robots on the set of the film directed by Christopher McQuarrie. In addition to this, the article also includes a video that clarifies that, regardless of whether Tom Cruise has this technological resource or not, it does exist. This means that there are robots capable of administering COVID-19 tests.

For now, we will have to wait and see if this information from the robots on the film’s set end up being true or not.

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