TMC MP & Actor Nusrat Jahan Not To Name Her Baby’s Father; Single Mothers Stand In Support

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Nusrat Jahan

Nusrat Jahan, a Bengali actress, and Trinamool Congress MP gave birth to a baby boy on Thursday. These days the actress is known for her relationship with an actor Yash Dasgupta since last year. Reportedly she is in a live-in relationship with the actor. Recently she has started a refusal to disclose the name of the father of her baby.

Post the child’s birth majority of the single mothers especially in Kolkata have joined hands in support of Nusrat Jahan’s decision. Among the women, a visual artist Elena Banik talking to Times of India told her that She was in a relationship but could make that up to marriage. She added that she miscarried a baby in 2010 following conceiving her first child.

Elena got her divorce from her husband in 2003. She also explains her medical conditions stating that she is a superstitious human. She didn’t wish to disclose her pregnancy. Hence she didn’t mention the name of her daughter’s father during the medical procedures. Nevertheless, she faced an obstruction during her daughter’s admission to the school.

Elina is a single mother and she lives with her daughter. She says she didn’t want to reveal the father’s identity to the public. Despite this, her daughter knows who is his father is. A Bengali director Anindita Sarbadhkari embraces her motherhood eight years ago via IVF and is currently a single mother. She explained that a mother has the right to unveil the father’s name and it is the sole choice. She added being a single mother in our society is difficult for most women.

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On the contrary, it would be an easy situation for Nusrat in this regard. Being an MP she can neglect the criticism coming on her way. She also cited the example of a woman Sawan Sen, Associate Professor of Engineering College who became a single mother in the year 2015. She added she is acquainted with many more such single mothers.

Previously Nusrat Jahan was married to a businessman Nikhil Jain. They tied the knot in the year 2019 in Turkey. Earlier this year Nusrat also allegedly claimed that her marriage with Nikhil Jain was not valid as per Indian laws.

With the news of the newborn Nikhil expressed his well-wishes for the mother-son duo. Talking to an interviewer he said -” I have well wished for her and prosperous healthy life for the child. May the baby grow happy ” Talking about his splitting relationship with Nushrat he said that his relationship differences with Nushrat won’t stop him from wishing well for the newborn child. He also added that he is not emotionally attached to the baby or Nusrat. Nusrat beau was the one revealing the news of her pregnancy on a social media platform.

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