Three Massive Asteroids Fly In Proximity to Earth This September 2021

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda

NASA categorizes asteroids larger than 150 meters in diameter flying closer than a distance of 7.5 million kilometers from the Earth as potentially hazardous objects and keeps an eye on such asteroids. Three asteroids are expected to make a fly by close to earth :

  • The First could be on September  9th
  • The second could be on September 11th
  • The Third one on September 22nd.

The asteroid that’s making an flyby this September 9th was the 774 meters large 2010 RJ53  . It was expected to fly by around  366 thousand kilometers away from the planet indicating that it will actually be closer to the Earth than the moon. Thats around 384 Kilometres away . However on the coming Sunday on September 11  we will see another asteroid dubbed 2021 PT. Inspite the fact that it is not  as large as the 2010 RJ53. Its still quite substantial at around 137 metres in diameters at a distance of around 4.9 million kilometers away from earth.

The third asteroid on September 22nd is the 2021 NY 1 asteroid that’s expected to fly in earth’s proximity that has also been flagged as the potentially hazardous asteroid by NASA jet propulsion laboratory. It has also been categorized as an EO near the earth object as it is going to fly really close to Earth within 1498113 kilometers.

The big asteroid is expected to turn on towards the Earth in September is 2021 PT. It is  137 metres in size — it can be assumed almost about twice the size of the monument Taj Mahal .

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I will flash close to Earth on September 11 at a diameter length of 4.9 million kilometers past the Earth’s orbit. Another huge asteroid that will showcase to Earth’s orbit is 2021 NY1 .It is expected to  be some 127 -284 metres in diameter further it  will fly by Earth at a distance of about 1.5 million kilometres.

These asteroids among others have been marked as potentially hazardous objects. The European Space Agency’s Near-Earth Objects database states that a total of 29 near-earth objects would fly close to the earth vicinity this September.The distance at which these asteroids seem to move towards the earth may seem far away but their unstable orbits . It the sole reason of making them potentially dangerous. If an asteroid comes close enough to earth, it could be pulled by the gravity of Earth and eventually it may collide. The collision of a huge asteroid can wreak havoc on the planet disrupting the balance of Earth . 66 million years ago, an asteroid of about 10 kilometres in diameter had hit earth moping three-fourths of earth’s living beings, including huge extinct dinosaurs.


Asteroid Bennu

Also, there have been running around news about Asteroid Bennu It follows as NPR confirmed NASA researcher that figured Asteroid Bennu has n higher chance of striking the earth than any previously thought.

The new data was evidently used by the NASA researchers from the spacecraft named OSIRIS -REx spacecraft to make a more precise calculation of the orbit path followed by Bennu. It was successful in snatching a pile of dusty pebbles from the asteroid in the 2020s October. Currently, it’s on its way back to Earth to drop off the unique cargo.

NASA team found and reached its revised and analyzed estimate that specifically the  Bennu’s distance from the Earth’s surface. They reached to within of about seven feet many a time between 2019 and 2020.

The state of precision could be imagined like measuring the distance between the Empire State Building and the Eiffel tower to a few thousand of a small inch.

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