Three Indian SME Wins United Nations Best Small Business Good Food for All Competition

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Best Small Business Good Food for All winners

The UN Food Systems Summit held a competition from 29th April 2021 to 6th June 2021. The key objective of running this contest is to promote sustainable development in the world in terms of food production, marketing, and waste handling. The summit invited applications of small and medium-sized enterprises from nearly 135 countries.

Those businesses who have at least 5 and a maximum of 250 employed can submit their applications. Provided they are doing something revolutionary, innovative to provide organic, healthy food, safeguarding the environment, and striving to create employment opportunities for the vulnerable section of society.

Winners Of The Competition

Out of approximately 2000 applications, 50 winners are selected by the panel of judges. It is also worthy to be noted that nearly half of the champion entrepreneurs belong to the young generation, plus nearly fifty percent of them are women owners.

Besides, three enterprises belong to, India comprising of; Edible Routes Private Limited, Oorja Development Solutions, and TARU Naturals.

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The winners would be entitled to the title “Best 50 Small Businesses: Good Food for All”, plus the aggregated winning amount is $100,000. Also, every finalist will be rewarded with a US$2,000 cash prize and will also be provided the opportunity to actively participate in events around the Pre-Summit in July 2021.

Let’s Know More About Three Finalist Indian Small Businesses


1. Oorja Development Solutions India

Amit Saraogi, who has 25 years of experience in finance, consulting, and international development, along with Dr Clementine Chambon, who has technical mastery in the cost-effective design of distributed energy systems, founded and lead Oorja. 

It is a farming-as-a-service (FaaS) company that promotes solar energy in the nation, dealing in high-quality agricultural products, such as irrigation, milling, and cooling services at reasonable prices.

Thereby, they attempt to reduce pollution due to excessive diesel use and instill the habit of deployment of renewable sources of energy.

2. Edible Routes Private Limited

This small enterprise is making huge efforts for preserving mother nature. They cater numerous services from producing organic fruits or vegetables, allotting farm areas, moreover, providing consultancy services related to how to do organic farming, it’s marketing, etc. 

Their team is capable of bringing fresh farm produce to urban areas within hours. It also offers gardening facilities to city dwellers. Additionally, their goal is to educate a massive amount of the population regarding sustainable methods of agriculture.

3. TARU Naturals &Organics

This enterprise is founded by Ruchi Jain, who shoulders all the work of marketing and supplying organically produced superfoods by small-scale farmers. They have linkages with 10,000 identified tribal and small-scale farmer networks across India.

 Not to mention, they procure raw material, semi-finished or final products from the farmers who are located remotely and sell the healthy produce under their trade name.

TARU Naturals imparts training programs covering aspects; for instance, employing sustainable ways of agriculture, organic farming techniques, sets up supply chains with market intelligence, technology-oriented production and ensures fair-trade market-ready products for end consumers which are procured directly from small scale farmers.

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