Those who are bringing something new in literature

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Those who are bringing something new in literature

1 Manjula Asthana Mahanti

An author from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. She has been grown up in an environment of liberty and choices, and with this atmosphere of performance, she started writing at an early age of her life. She is a literature scholar and has encountered a number of poetries and prose, which helped her in composing her own masterpieces later on. She is the well-known and award-winning author of “Unnayan”, Manjula‘s Potpourri, Iztiraab, Abhishap Damini ka, Vista Vision, Lassez Aller, etc. Her latest poetry collection Sparklers is gracing the shelf of reader’s lib as well. She is a legendary performer of literature, and suggests all newcomers believe, and remain cool, truthful, and original. She has been awarded so many awards and certificates in recognition of her contribution to literature and society. Her way of writing is something that we call visualized perfection. Along with all this, she is a very talented and very graceful speaker. She has been in several talk shows and speaking platforms to inspire and encourage generations.

2 Manoj Kumar Sharma

MIRRRO fame self-styled author Manoj Kumar Sharma has brought his next Novel from a different genre altogether ‘Woman Fiction’.

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Delighted by the Best Seller status of MIRRRO in specific multiple timelines, Awards from renowned Literature Houses, moral boosting reviews by book lovers, and, guiding critics, the Author does feel more responsibility for continuing inclusive excellence to the next level.
Feel blessed as ‘MIRRRO ’ has been adjudged for prestigious Awards from renowned Literary Houses…..

Best Debut Author Award 2020 from ‘ICMDR’,
Best Debut Novel Award 2020 among Top 100 Debut Novels from ‘CRITICSPACE’.,
Best Fiction (Thriller) Award 2020 from ‘The Indian Awaz Foundation’,
Best Thriller Book of the Year 2020 by ‘Literary Mirror’ ,
Best Fiction Book of the Year 2020 by ‘AIY AGHAAZ’,
Best Writer Award 2020 by ‘Yashassvi Awards’,

The Story “Me No Pause Me Play” was born out of day-to-day life in our society, where every now and then our Women are made to feel the pinch of Nature’s Laws and of Society’s hypocritical Patriarchy and Misogyny.
We talk a lot and even do a lot for Gender equality, Woman Liberation, and Woman Empowerment…but, the practical realities are far far away from the truth and still painful.
The author is right now working on the sequel of MIRRRO and parallelly working on a few more Books of varied genres on various known issues of our day-to-day lives…but, in ways beyond innovativeness…

As an overview, the Author believes that Writing is a Soulful Act, blessed by Maa Sarasvatiji & Muse….not by the Author.

3 Nidhi Behl

Ms. Nidhi Behl Vats, a digital entrepreneur, founded storyofsouls. a platform appreciated by All India Radio, where ordinary person and their struggle stories are featured. Starting in 2017, we are the most loved storytelling Indian platform under the top 35 digital platforms.

She defied all the odds and created a platform for an ordinary people to share their stories. Today storyofsouls
is a knowledge partner with magazines where our crafted stories get featured in their monthly editions.A mom to two adorable daughters. Authored academic books, she has been associated with Indian and International magazines in the past. She was awarded WOW – Social Media Inspire, and by 100x Woman Index by HER STORY TIMES due to her versatility, undeterred personality, and being an inspiration for all women while working from home and having successful career changes. She presented her thoughts at ALL INDIA RADIO on how a woman can WORK FROM HOME successfully.

She had written for the esteemed TOI online NRI column, Amar Ujala as a content strategist. She has been a speaker at various women’s start-ups and entrepreneurship forums.

4 Pawana Tripathi

She is a renowned feminist, author, and would-be researcher. She appriciates whatever she has. Belonging to Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, she carved her path to achieving everything in her journey to follow her dreams. According to Ms. Tripathi for success & contentment, an amalgamation of efforts and belief in the mighty is required. She is the daughter of Siyaram Tripathi and Urmila Tripathi, she wants her guardian to feel proud of her. She is shaping a vivid example for women and all those who want to pursue their dreams, with smithereens of hope, positivity, and confidence. She has authored 5 books 1150 poetries and won 15 Awards & 19 certificates in her journey. She has been featured in to more than 15 media and 5 magazine Coverage and interviews.

5 Sujata Chatterjee

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee is a doctor and is an author by passion. She is the recipient of many Awards like (the Swami Vivekananda Excellence Award for Literature, Shonghoti Sammanana Awards, National Book Honour Award, Literoma Laureate Award, Literoma Achiever Award, Nari Samman award, etc. )and an author of 4 books (Looking through the Prism, Waves of Fortune, Flights of Fantasy and Windchimes). She has edited 1 book (TRAVELLER’S Diary)and co-authored numerous books. She is the Hon Program Director of the Lions Club of Kolkata Magnates and has organized and hosted many poetry open mikes and panel discussions. She is also the freelance Journalist for the Hello Kolkata Evening Daily Newspaper. She is a regular contributor to Woman’s Era magazine.”

6 Dr. Manisha Mani

Dr.Manishaa Mani (Yadava) is an Author/poet/Reiki Master/Dowser/Meditation instructor /Motivational speaker/Art of living volunteer and Member of the Indian Literature society. She has done PhD in economics. She was born on 9th May 1973 in Meerut (up) in a well-educated family. Mani is her pen name

She has been writing poetry since class 9th. Although she was a religious person earlier now she became spiritual too. After being spiritual she found out about the teachings of her life. Because of her spiritual journey, she became a healer. As a healer, she became sensitive towards others’ pain and the knowledge that is coming from that pain she try to pen that knowledge as well in her writings also. She is a founder of “Karma Healing ray”, through which she takes her spiritual classes. She takes online meditation classes from Monday to Friday. Dr. Manishaa heals people through Reiki and also gives Reiki training sessions to people who are interested. She also predicts through pendulum dowsing. As a poetess, she has written three poetry books and four anthologies. Recently one of her admirers has written her biography “Manishaa A flight of courage” which was released by Bollywood actor Shishir Sharma of the movie “Razzi”. In the literary world, she has been awarded 28 awards so far.

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