This Is The Perfect Prequel To Man Of Steel (2013)

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The story of House of El: The Shadow Threat features Superman’s parents, this really could have been a prequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie.

Attention SPOILERS for the House of El: The Shadow Threat # 1 comic by Claudia Gray, Eric Zawadski, Dee Cunniffe and Deron Bennett. So far we have seen various versions of the planet Krypton before it was destroyed. But a new story adds its own twist, although looking at what Superman’s parents are up to here, this is the perfect prequel to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

In the opening scene of The Man of Steel we could see Jor-El played by Russell Crowe predicting that the planet Krypton will end up being destroyed. As the elites do not listen to him, he decides to father a son by the usual method, something that was forbidden and sends him to Earth so that he can survive. But also, he predicts that the yellow sun of our planet will give him powers. Unfortunately, Jor-El gets everything right and the planet ends up exploding, leaving very few survivors.

The comic shows a very similar Krypton.

House of El: The Shadow Threat goes a very similar path, as they created a machine that can encode people’s genetic code into full Kryptonians. It is a new sequencing to give you emotions like compassion and empathy. This is their way of improving society because the tribunes have created a caste system. Lara is pregnant in this story by natural means and Superman’s parents are considered crazy who they ignore. As in The Man of Steel.

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In addition, the film version of Zod is dedicated to order, his military duty, and the Genesis Chamber for genetic coding. In the House of El comic he does something very similar. So the parallels between the two stories are obvious. We will have to continue reading the comic to know if House of El: The Shadow Threat is getting closer and closer to The Man of Steel.

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