There’s Still A Lot Of Confusion Surrounding “Code Geass” Season 3

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

There is still a great deal of confusion surrounding”Code Geass” Season 3 and whether or not it’s going to happen. To start things off, there’s no word out of the anime creators that they have revived the show for a third installment.

Most of the confusion surrounding”Code Geass” Season 3 stems from the film that was released several months ago. The story of the film is supposed to function as an alternative timeline for the arcade adaptation, providing a new avenue where Lelouch the main character for the series is alive and well.

Even Shirley is living in this alternative reality. So no, “Code Geass” Season 3 is not occurring, and the writer for the arcade adaptation stated he is not interested in creating a third installment, Comicbook reported.

“At the time of the tv show, I meant to close the book on Lelouch’s story after the last episode. But this movie,’ Glorification’ [the recap trilogy’s third movie ], is somewhat different,” writer Ichiro Okouchi explained. Director Goro Taniguchi has a similar opinion and explained that the film is not supposed to cancel out the occasions which would’ve happened in”Code Geass” Season 3.

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Both statements have been fulfilled with equal confusion and frustration from fans. The former is rooted in the reality that most assumed”Code Geass” Season 3 is occurring, while the latter is because other people sense that the creators want their cake and are eating it too. Obviously, there are those who are just thrilled to watch Lelouch back in the thick of things once more.

In terms of the fate of the series moving forward, nothing substantial has surfaced as of the writing, and it’s unlikely this will probably be brought up unless another film is going to be made. And when that happens, there’s no doubt that the storyline about”Code Geass” Season 3 will resurface yet again. (Caution, spoilers for the movie ahead).

The good news is that the next film ended with Lelouch surviving as he bequeathed the Zero name to Suzaku. If the founders deem it necessary to create a fourth movie, then they do have some avenues to research as opposed to”Code Geass” Season 3 at which it would’ve moved forward without Lelouch. Fun fact, after Lelouch surrendered the Zero mantle, he traveled with C.C. and took up the alias L.L., which Taniguchi explained as Lelouch’s notion of a proposal.

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