‘There was nothing left to pull’; Ranjeet says women’s short clothes ended his career

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Gopal Bedi who is also known as Ranjeet is very popular and is known for his villainous on-screen acting. All this in the 70s and 80s Bollywood movies. He now reveals that how his image is that of a ‘rape specialist’ which might seem very wrong.

But that was what most of his characters did in the movies that he played. He always got this type of role and so he nailed them. Despite how wrong it seemed. Ranjeet came into the spotlight and also how he was able to make his female co-stars feel at comfort during the shoot.

This is a speciality of a good and a versatile actor. Although his role was of that of a rapist, we all must have thought for once at least that how problematic and awkward the takes would be. And also the fact that you need to corporate with your co-actor must have been quite a journey while shooting those scenes.

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In a recent interview, the veteran actor said that his co-stars would ask their directors often to bring him in whenever there was any molestation scene. Because he had his manners and he has mastered his own way of acting out those scenes. Rather someone else.

The actor wittingly stated that a change in women’s fashion killed his career as a ‘rape specialist’. Since women started wearing shorts and there was nothing left for him to pull. This came out to be right if we see it in his aspect.
He was a specialist in pulling off his co-actors, sarees or dupattas in the movies. Now that females started wearing mini dresses. He had nothing to pull them off. Thus, he no longer continues this role.

Besides, stressing about his family’s permission about the roles he chooses to perform. Initially, there were backlashes he had to face, but eventually, society accepted him and his on-screen character. There will always be a hiccup in whatever career you pursue and on this career. There were obviously many issues with that. But in the end, people started loving his character and found peace with it.

Ranjeet is a 79-year-old actor and he holds personally a feel-good ‘record’ of acting in over 200 Hindi movies. He has also been a part of a television serial “Aisa Desh Hai Mera’ and few Punjabi films.

Hindi movie ‘Sharmeelee’ charmed his luck as he came into the spotlight after playing a negative role in this movie. There is a contrast between his reel and real-life ‘Ranjeet’ is completely a family man in real life. A proud father of two children- daughter Divyanka Bedi and son Jeeva Bedi.

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