The Winx Saga Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Every Information

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Winx Saga is a big hit on Netflix . Fans of the cartoon were very happy to meet the actresses who play their favorite fairies. But a flagship fairy is missing. Will Flora be back in season 2 ?

Since January 22, Winx fans have been the happiest in the world. And for good reason a Netflix series inspired by the cartoon is born.

The viewers therefore met these famous fairies. Bloom, Stella, Musa, Aisha and Terra then study at Alféa.

Like all teenage girls, these five girls then experience love stories, great friendships and even disappointments. But besides that they have magical powers . To the delight of the fans.

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Moreover, Netflix viewers make their opinions known on the Web. And they seem very frustrated by the absence of Flora . It is true that she is a cartoon fairy star.

So, the writers revealed that Terra is actually Flora’s cousin . But fans want to see Flora in the flesh.


So Flora’s absence from the Netflix series really stood out. Thus, the pretty fairy could indeed appear in season 2. And for good reason, Eliot Salt spoke on this subject.

The Terra interpreter then explained, “I guess, because the characters are all slightly redesigned, we don’t really know what kind of presence Flora will have . ”

In addition, the actress does not hesitate to talk about her character. So she adds: “I think I would like to see Terra continue her journey to gain confidence and strength . It would be nice if she had a bit of a successful romance. ”

The friend of the plants could therefore find great love in season 2 on Netflix . Moreover, the interpreter of Aisha also hopes to see her character develop. The actress then explains: “I think that for Aisha, it would be good to know where she comes from, and why she goes to Alféa. ”

But the Netflix series is not criticized only for the absence of Flora . Indeed, Musa’s character is actually an Asian girl. And yet, the latter is interpreted as Elisha Applebaum.

But it seems these remarks have been heard. Precious Mustapha, who lends his features to Aisha, added: “ The voices have been heard . (…) We are definitely talking about this. “

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