‘The Walking Dead’ Who are the two new characters in the episode about Negan’s past?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

They seemed far off when they were announced but the additional episodes of the tenth season of The Walking Dead are already around the corner. With the aim of serving as a bridge between the War against the Whisperers and the eleventh installment that will also be the last, the six chapters commissioned as bonuses are designed to be less choral and dedicate quality time to the protagonists. A clear example is the first of them, ‘Home Sweet Home’ (10×17), which will focus on Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ) and will delve into the protagonist’s past in the years she has been away from Hilltop.

Another of the characters that will explore in depth this new batch of episodes of season 10 will be Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ), who we met as the villain of villains and who ended up being the key to the defeat of The Whisperers. The present of the character promises to be interesting, as well as his reunion with Maggie, but the chapter dedicated to the former leader of Los Salvadores will focus on his past . Thus, we will meet key figures in his environment, starting with his wife Lucille , who will be interpreted by the woman in real life of the interpreter Hilarie Burton .

But it will not be the only one. The Walking Dead has just announced the addition of two new faces to the episode ‘Here’s Negan’ (10×22) . Miles Mussenden and Rodney Rowland will be part of the cast of the chapter, although the identity of their characters has not been revealed. It is speculated, however, that they play some of the first members of the community known as Los Salvadores, founders together with Negan of the safe zone that he would later end up leading.

In the episode we will travel to a moment in the character’s past, specifically at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. Twelve years before the end of the War against the Whisperers, Negan and his cancer-stricken wife Lucille take refuge in a basement bunker with an assortment of colored wigs and a refrigerator that runs out of chemotherapy drugs.

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Carol ( Melissa McBride ) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) also appear in the episode, while additions to other of the six commissioned chapters have also been announced.

The first episode of the remaining six will be released on the US network on February 28, 2021, while FOX Spain has announced that it will be broadcast in our country from Monday, March 1 at 10:00 p.m.

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