The Walking Dead: This Is The Character That Has Killed The Most People And Zombies In The Series

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

series The Walking Dead has always shown that even the youngest characters in the program must kill zombies to defend themselves and to survive, but even sometimes you have to do something to defend people. But, who is the character that has killed the most in the series?

The count that will be shown will be until the recent season 10 of The Walking Dead, which counts both direct and indirect deaths, in addition to the deaths of walkers and people that were managed to be seen on the screens.


Many would think that Carol would be the one with a large number of deaths on her, that is not the reality. Despite Carol being one of the most dangerous of the group, her death count is just 105.

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Simon was one of Negan’s aides, leader of the Saviors. But when Negan sent Simon to talk to the garbage men, he decided to take things further and ended up murdering everyone. So the death count for this character was 172. Fortunately, Negan ended up killing him.


Yes, Eugen e is on this list. Eugene is the master head of the group, he is the one who has devised a large number of plans to save everyone and kill zombies and even other people, as seen when he sabotaged Negan’s plans with weapons. The tally for Eugene is 186.


Negan is the winner of the list. Negan is the character with the most deaths in The Walking Dead series, with a count of 209. But, many of these deaths are indirect, but they are part of his orders.

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