The Walking Dead Season 11: Everything You Should To Know

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Interviewer PR

Filming on The Walking Dead season 11 has formally started. The Exotic post-apocalyptic series has shocked fans with cliffhangers and fan-favourite character deaths since its debut nearly ten decades back on AMC. Though its evaluations have dwindled in the last couple of seasons, the series has remained a top program for AMC. Its popularity has caused an after-show talk show Talking Dead, two spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, as well as its upcoming Daryl and Carol spinoff and anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. Additionally, the upcoming Walking Dead movie that will center around Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is verified to start filming in the spring.

The long-delayed Walking Dead season 10 finale aired on AMC in October after its premiere was postponed back in April due to this coronavirus pandemic. Episode 16 was meant to air a week after incident 15, but productions were brought to a stop, and AMC decided to enlarge season 10 with six additional episodes that were shot in October and will broadcast in front of the 11th and final season. Last month, AMC announced the 2021 release schedule for the Walking Dead world, including the yield of year 10 on February 28 and also the 11th and last season airing in late 2021. Though a year later than initially planned, work has now officially begun on the final season.

The Walking Dead writer-producer Kevin Deiboldt affirmed in a tweet on Monday that filming on season 11 has begun. Following the shooting program was complicated by the global pandemic, pandemic-proofed production has begun on the show’s 24-episode closing season. Check out his article below:

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In late January, Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased that he had begun filming on the final season on his own Instagram. Morgan, who has depicted former Saviors leader Negan since season 6, will appear at least 2 of the season 10 bonus episodes and will see him reunite with Maggie for the first time since season 9. Viewers will also see a Negan origin story in the last bonus episode”Here is Negan,” that will comprise his wife Lucille (played with real-life wife Hilarie Burton). Even though it has not yet been shown what Negan’s function in season 11 will be, fans at least have confirmation that he is a part of the last season.

Together with The Walking Dead end this year, fans are soon likely to observe the fate of some preferred characters solved. Though Walking Dead fans will need to wait until late 2021 to see what lies ahead for the survivors in the first half of their remaining episodes, they nevertheless have this season to look forward to with the Walking Dead season 10 bonus episodes. While season 11 is going into production after than originally planned, it seems just like the final year has a lot in store for viewers.

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