The Walking Dead Season 11: Everything You Need To Know, Including New Cast And Confirm Release Date


The Walking Dead could be coming to an end soon but it’s still got plenty of excitement around the cards for fans — not least that we will finally have a brand-new character to become familiar with in the AMC play’s final season.

Deadline reports that Avengers actor Michael James Shaw will join the cast of the AMC series in season 11 as new series routine Mercer, and he can become a pretty major thing.

Though we do not have any further details yet, fans of The Walking Dead comics will probably be familiar with Mercer. He appears in issue 177 as an officer of this Commonwealth and the leader of this Commonwealth Military.

A former US Marine, the powerful Mercer also becomes romantically involved with Juanita ‘Princess’ Sanchez from the comics. Whether this relationship will translate into the display remains to be seen but the personality of Juanita was introduced to the show in year 10, as played by Paola Lázaro, therefore it is definitely a possibility.

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The news of Mercer linking the series comes after showrunner Angela Kang debunked the enthusiast concept that Maggie’s new masked man ally was really Mercer after he was introduced in the season 10 finale.

Shaw played Thanos’ villainous embraced son Corvus Glaive, a part of the Black Order, in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. He also stars as Aiden Shaw at CBS play Blood & Treasure and played FBI Agent Daryl in Limitless and Papa Midnite in Constantine.

Season 11 will mark the conclusion of the long-running show The Walking Dead, together with all the 24-episode run set to broadcast its first half afterward in 2021 and its second half in 2022.

Show boss Angela Kang recently told Digital Spy and other media that we can expect to see a few new characters in season 11, saying that “there is going to be a lot more narrative that comes in season 11 where we will meet a lot of new characters”.

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