The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19: Everything You Need To Know

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In recent times, the nineteenth episode (season 10) of this American web series, The walking dead was released.

The episode”One more” mainly focused on Aaron and Gabriel who had been on a two-week scavenging excursion. The whisperers invaded Alexandria and the whole city was pushed to the floor as of Zombies.

However, the city is in the state to return to normal but they are still short of supplies. By these hindrances, we are to know Aaron and Gabriel were on hunts of any supplies they can take back to Alexandria. Aaron and Gabriel believed that no one was residing at the place. But there dwelt Mays who had been a survivor and he has been living there for some years.

And then they are discovered by Mays. Mays wanted to prove to them that everybody is evil in the world, so that he compelled Aaron and Gabriel to play Russian roulette.

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Mays thought they would kill each other but in contrast, they attempted to kill themselves instead of killing each other and demonstrated Mays wrong. And Mays put his guard down and provided them to go back to Alexandria. But abruptly Gabriel killed Mays with Aaron’s detached morning celebrity arm.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19 Gabriel Said That Mays Killed His Own Brother. Rick Grimes Would Always Ask Three Questions:

The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 19

• How many walkers you have killed?

• How many people have you killed?

• Why?

Even though Rick is not there, Gabriel continued to ask his questions. He’d have asked why Mays killed his brother and also the response given by Mays should have not satisfied Gabriel. And the story explains how Mays’s brother died.

Overall, Mays was killed by Gabriel at the close of the episode which brought the audience a range of queries.

Let the next episode brings an answer to everyone our queries. Many of the reviews are these spoiler alarms to the viewers.

It had a fantastic response but had many spoiler responses. Very few of the audience have been commenting on positive testimonials regarding the incident.

A number of the audience has been commented that the newest episode is a spoiler to the entire film.

The walking dead season 10, episode 19, ONE MORE was ended with killing up a character. That is Gabriel killed Mays in the latest episode.

In the turning of events, it’s a big shock to Aaron and obviously to the fellow audience.

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