The Walking Dead: New Trailer For The Return Of The Tenth Season!

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The extra episodes of the tenth season of The Walking Dead are very close. Here we show you the trailer.

Fans of The Walking Dead are looking forward to the arrival of the six new episodes that will complete the tenth season. For this reason, AMC decided to launch a new trailer for this extension of the season, which could not finish last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The chain will launch the first of these episodes on February 28 in the United States, while in Spain we will have to wait a couple of days more; As of March 1, FOX Spain will begin broadcasting them in our country.

“There is still goodness, we just have to look for it,” Gabriel’s character is heard saying at the end of the trailer. The new episodes of The Walking Dead will retake the path of the surviving characters after the destruction that the Whisperers left in their wake. The synopsis that the chain released ends with a question for the end of the series: will they find the inner strength to preserve their lives, friends and group intact?

An end that is very close

Regarding the trailer in question, it shows us images of the character of Lucille, who will star in one of the most anticipated episodes by fans of the series. For her part, Hilarie Burton will play Negan’s wife (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the one who gives name to the character’s characteristic weapon, in the chapter ‘Here’s Negan’, where we will move to the character’s past before the apocalypse. The other guest actors to appear in these new episodes are Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a non-comic book character Mays and Okea Eme-Akwari (Shawn in Cobra Kai) like Elijah, a masked man who caused a stir in the fauxnale.

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The extension of the tenth season of The Walking Dead is the beginning of the end. The series will end after the broadcast of the 24 episodes that will make up season 11. The chain plans to broadcast them in two batches: the first dozen for this 2021, after the end of the tenth season in April, and a second planned for 2022.

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