‘The Walking Dead’: Maggie and Negan’s imminent face to face stars in the new clip of season 10

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

With the return of the tenth season of The Walking Dead just around the corner, new advances continue to come to light about the six episodes that will resume action after the end of the War against the Whisperers and that, commissioned by surprise by AMC, will serve as a bridge to an eleventh season that we have already been advised that it will also be the last.

Many are the details that make this batch of six additional episodes of season 10 something special for the most loyal fans of The Walking Dead . First of all, that we will be able to resume action earlier than expected, but it is also that they are designed to explore territories that had been left in the pipeline for a long time. An example of this is, of course, the time of absence of Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ), who returns after having spent years with another community of survivors, but also Negan’s past or the time when Daryl lived alone while searching and searching. his missing Rick Grimes.

We are excited to see Lucille ( Hilarie Burton ) in action and know that side of Negan before the apocalypse, but if there is a detail that fans of the series look forward to more, it is undoubtedly the meeting between Negan and Maggie , who now form part of the same group after he murdered in cold blood the love of her life and father of her child. How can two people overcome a shared past of that caliber?

The new batch of episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead will address that part as well and precisely a heartbreaking crossing of glances between both characters stars in the clip shared on Instagram by the AMC series.

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We will have to wait to know how the plot develops between both characters, but it has already been advanced that it will not be easy for the rest of the survivors to make Maggie understand what the hell Negan is doing among his ranks.

“I don’t think Maggie is going to like Negan. I imagine there will be some kind of confrontation. Or ten. She hasn’t seen what Negan has done or who he’s become. She doesn’t know. The last time she saw him he was lying on the floor of a cell wanting to die “, explained Jeffrey Dean Morgan before Maggie’s return.

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