The upcoming twist in the story of Bade achhe lagte hain 2

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The ending of Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain is surprising. As long as Nandini has her way, Priya and Ram will submit a sole custody request. The viewers are hoping Nandini will also fail this time. We previously observed Nandini failing to worsen the conflict between Ram and Priya. When Priya and Ram resolved their disagreement, Nandini and Vedika took full responsibility for the incident.

After this defeat, Nandini was seen to be furious and searching for any way to disparage Priya. To cause more difficulties for Priya, Nandini will be seen endangering Vedika. Priya would undoubtedly face additional hurdles from Nandini. In the current episode, Pihu sends Ram and Priya happy anniversary greetings. They are also forced to cut a cake by Pihu. After seeing his buddies again, Ram considers forging new bonds with them. While chatting with his buddies, Ram realises how much he depends on them and how Priya and Ishan, who are standing in front of the police station, are hiding something. Ram makes the decision to find out and invites the policeman to supper. To demonstrate their dominance, Shubham and Nandini plan to handle Pihu’s school admission. Ram goes out of his way and decides to make waffles because Pihu is hankering for them. Sandy is oblivious of Ishan’s presence at the police station, despite Ram’s best efforts to find out.

Later, Ram speaks with a commissioner who likewise denies having any knowledge of the minority matter. Ram panics later when Pihu develops a high temperature, and Priya has to calm him down. Priya visits Pihu and soothes Ram. Pihu is given cold pads to help her return to normal. Ram is asked by Pihu about his earlier interactions with Priya, which makes Ram reminisce and grin. Priya likes to see them interact. Later, Pihu requests sandwiches, prompting Ram and Priya to grab some bread. They both get soaked by the rain and reflect on their sweet moments. They get close to one another and discuss their time apart. After ingesting the kadha, Priya feels lightheaded.

Ram tries to make Priya feel at ease so that she will reveal the secret to him, but instead of doing so, she sobs and refuses. Later, Priya discovers that Ram has drugged her drink and becomes angry with him. Here, Nandini and Vedika coerce Pihu into keeping a fast for her parents on Karwa Chauth. Pihu is taken in by their ruse. Ram will speak with Ishan in subsequent episodes to learn the secret that Priya is keeping. Ram will learn the truth about Shivi’s death from an emotional Ishan. A mother would always go to great lengths to protect her children, and this strength will undoubtedly aid Priya in defeating Nandini. Additionally, it will depend on how long Ram takes to believe in Priya.

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