The Untold Benefits Of Flutter For Cross Platform App Development

Chris Steward
Chris Steward

Android and iOS are the 2 main platforms for mobile app development. For app development, each of these platforms requires different kinds of coding. This different kind of coding has become a concern for various mobile application development companies; which has resulted in the use of cross-platform development.

Gone are the days when you hire app developer who had to sweat double in order to develop an application for app development platforms. At present, creating a mobile application with one-time coding is possible, all thanks to cross-platform frameworks.

The best cross-platform application development includes the creation of apps in a way that they can be run on more than one platform. In this kind of development, coding or programming is done only once in a manner that the application is supported by iOS, Android, or Windows. Cross-platform development has caught the eyes of developers because of its features and tools which are loved by app developers.

Xamarin by Microsoft, React Native by Facebook, and PhoneGap from Adobe are some popular cross-platform development tools. Each of these tools has different features along with advantages and disadvantages.

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Hire flutter developer who is always looking for something new as well as improved to make application development a time-saving & efficient process. This is what Google does, and their consistent improvement in technology gave birth to Flutter.



Flutter is an SDK and an astounding cross-platform tool, launched by Google, that uses the Dart language. Flutter was first launched in 2018 with features that were missing in the older cross-platform development tools.

Applications built with the Flutter framework can be run on Android, iOS, as well as Google Fuchsia which is another application development platform developed by Google. 

Flutter has become the first choice of developers for its proficiency and efficaciousness. The app developers at Google had been working rigorously on this before general use. Here we have mentioned things that they worked on:

  • Support more Firebase APIs
  • Has its own tools
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved documentation
  • Support windows development
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Tools for Android Studio as well as Visual Studio Code
  • Support different languages i.e internationalizing
  • Accessibility for all kinds of application developers
  • Additional features such as inline videos, charts, and ad

Type of development Flutter supports and does not support

Since Flutter entered the app development framework list, the programmer first wants to know which type of development Flutter supports and does not support. So, here is the answer…

Please avoid Flutter if you are developing:

  • Instant or (PWA) Progressive Web Apps – These types of applications need to be small & applications developed with Flutter, on the other hand, are larger than native applications.
  • Applications that need uncommon native libraries – The flutter framework is new as well as it doesn’t have all the native libraries in its repository so choosing Flutter for this kind of app can complicate the process. In that case, application developers will have to add custom-made platform channels which is definitely going to take time.
  • Apps communicating to hardware via Bluetooth – This feature can be built separately for iOS as well as Android and then added to the Flutter application. However, this might be time-consuming.


Why Choose Flutter?

Support & Community

The Flutter 1.17 release has a lot of improvements & it has resolved an unprecedented number of concerns since its last release. This extensive number of enhancements is the consequence of coordinated effort with Never code, an incredible nonstop mix as well as a constant development tool that assists any Flutter app developer to effectively discover & resolve concerns.

With each year, a number of concerns are resolved than opened, and this allows the Flutter group to end up with fewer issues left. The greater part of the concerns has been settled with the assistance of 3,164 pull requests from 231 contributors.

Core elements

Flutter framework uses widgets as its core element same as other progressive languages. Widgets allow app developers of mobile app development companies to perceive how they are doing with their code very quickly as well as save heaps of time on creating fundamental User Interface elements for each screen and resolution.

This is the thing that makes Flutter advantageous for application developers, wherein they simply require to build a UI element once and it will automatically adjust for any screen. This likewise saves time for Quality Assurance professionals, as they do not have to test the Flutter app design on all devices with so many screen sizes.

 Lifecycle management

The lifecycle of the application is managed by the operating framework. This means changing the condition of an app. Flutter framework used to be not that awesome at lifecycle management, as it did not have any tools that would allow application developers of Flutter app development companies to follow each phase of their app’s lifecycle.

Currently, application developers can see their application’s lifecycle in Stateful widgets. They can also utilize extra widgets such as Orientation Builder, which tracks changes in screen direction and so on. 

Cost to Develop a Flutter Mobile App

It takes 50 percent less time to develop an application with Flutter as compared to developing mobile apps separately for Android & iOS. Being a reliable cross platform app development company or on-demand app development company, we are here to share the estimated cost of Flutter mobile app development. Undoubtedly, the cost of an application depends on the hours it takes to build it. Developing a mobile application with Flutter that works both on both iOS and Android, takes around 250 hours. On the other hand, it takes up to 400 hours to develop the same application for iOS and two hundred fifty hours for Android.

To determine the mobile app development cost on the Flutter framework, just multiply the hours taken to create the application by the hourly charge of a mobile app developer. A Flutter app development company, however, has its own price range for its flutter app development services. It usually ranges b/w $15,000 to $40,000.

It is seen that the hours taken for the development of Flutter mobile apps are low hence it will save your precious money. So if you want to save money as well as build an application in less time then the Flutter framework is a great choice.

Future of Flutter

Often a compromise is made b/w quality & productivity while building separate applications for both iOS and Android. But Google decided to remove this issue & introduced Flutter as a cross-platform development tool.

Flutter framework has just entered the application development industry and has already seen lots of fame. The future of Flutter surely seems to be bright. Google also launched Flutter’s version 1.7 with added new features & functions such as Range slider, 64-bit support, typography features, game controller support, & so on. Undeniably, it is certainly more powerful than the previous Flutter 1.5 & 1.6 versions. Flutter framework has lots of potential in the industry & if it is able to bridge the gap b/w quality & productivity then it sure is going to take over the mobile application development world.

The flutter app development platform is still in the development phase which can be a risk but it shouldn’t take Google long to launch a stable version of the framework. Flutter also has an official website where you can find all about the Flutter framework. 

This was our take, as a cross platform app development company in the India, USA and other countries, on the newly launched Flutter for cross-platform development. If you wish to know about our development process for android and iOS cross-platform development within this framework or want to gain insight into our flutter cross-platform app development services, get in touch with Ionicfirebase today.

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