The Umbrella Academy: The Sparrow Academy Cast Confirmed

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

While we wait for The Umbrella Academy to return to Netflix, the cast that will play the Sparrow Academy was announced.

The Umbrella Academy has two seasons on Netflix and has already started preparing the third installment. Filming will begin in Toronto this coming February, and unsurprisingly, it will feature the original cast that so surprised fans in both seasons. But, as expected, this new installment will feature the appearance of the Sparrow Academy.

Beware, spoilers! At the end of the second season, the protagonists manipulated time to travel to the past and that had many implications: when they returned they found a new reality where the academy was renamed Sparrow Academy. And in it, Ben (Justin H. Min), was alive. Netflix has unveiled the new characters that will accompany Ben as “Sparrows.”

The new cast of The Umbrella Academy that will join the original cast of the series will include Cazzie David, Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Genesis Rodriguez and Jake Epstein. Together they will form this alternative academy where the character of Min will gain much more strength than in previous seasons.

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Who is who?

In this new season of The Umbrella Academy, Ben will stop being number 6 to become number 2. But in this new dimension, his character has changed a lot in personality: he will stop being a sweet character to someone quite cold and calculating, who will want to become the leader of the group. As Sparrow 1 will be Marcus, played by Justin Cornwell, an honest and charming character who holds the family together.

Sparrow number 3 is Fei, played by Oldford, a sullen character who sees the world differently. Epstein will be Alphonso, the Sparrow 4, a boy marked by physical consequences for his fight against crime, but with a scathing sense of humor. Number 5 is the character of Rodríguez, Sloane, a romantic and dreamy girl who believes that her place is beyond the academy, to which she feels tied for fear of leaving it.

And as the last Sparrow is the character whom Cazzie David plays, Jayme, a lonely person who wears a hoodie. Also, an extra Sparrow will accompany them in the academy, who could be considered as number 7. It is Christopher, a telekinetic cube of unknown origin that acts as a kind of oracle to whom the boys go to consult things.

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