The Umbrella Academy: For these reasons Elliot Page must be in the series more than ever

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

There have been advances to improve trans representation on television and film, after decades in which characters have been portrayed as jokes or villains. This could be an excellent opportunity for Elliot Page of The Umbrella Academy.

Fortunately, trans actors like Laverne Cox and Trace Lysette have become more mainstream. There are even fewer trans men in Hollywood. Elliot Page’s visibility at The Umbrella Academy will be a step toward changing that.

In a post, Elliot Page expressed that while he feels joy in his ability to fully express his true self, coming outcomes with a sense of fear: fear of violence, “jokes” and worse.

Additionally, Elliot Page shows that trans people don’t have to come out when they are young or single. Coming out is not intrinsically related to growing up.

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Finally, Elliot Page has notable and significant credits in film and television. The response from her The Umbrella Academy co-stars has been filled with love and acceptance.

Additionally, Netflix and other movie-related websites are working to quickly and efficiently correct Elliot Page’s name on their sites and at The Umbrella Academy.

Her iconic roles, like Vanya’s in The Umbrella Academy, will not be forgotten, they will only be recontextualized. By normalizing name and pronoun changes, Elliot Page is making the world a better and more inclusive place.

That Elliot Page, was able to overcome that, find joy in life, and share his authentic self with the world is a triumph and a great step forward in the representation of trans men.

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