The trailer of the Harry and Meghan docuseries is out today, and they exposed the dirty games

Harry & Meghan Docuseries

 In the upcoming teaser of the Netflix docuseries that features the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Speaking firsthand, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed their experiences with the royal family. And it demonstrates how they inevitably decided to walk away from it all.

The Harry and Meghan Docuseries is all about a dirty game

The Harry & Meghan docuseries trailer premiered on Monday. The teaser depicts the “dirty games” that take place behind the palace’s closed doors. The first three episodes of the series will release on December 8 and the last three episodes will air on December 15. Liz Garbus is directing the series, which will follow a couple’s journey from their beautiful nuptials to their conflicts with other royals who weren’t as accepting of Meghan into the family.

In the teaser, Harry exposed the various allegations made against them. He described it as a “dirty game.” Prince Harry alludes to the “feeding frenzy” that women who marry into the Royal family experience. This statement was addressed to his late mother, Princess Diana. According to Megan, she gradually realized that the royal family was “never going to defend” her. Following their marriage, the couple’s situations changed significantly. And their new marriage saw many difficult periods.

In Harry’s voiceover, he claims that he was horrified and does not wish history to repeat itself. After photographers  pursued her in 1997, his mother perished in a car accident in Paris, France. After the one-minute trailer, Harry says, “No one is fully aware of the truth, but only we know the whole truth.”

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The docuseries on Harry and Meghan will air just before Christmas. It will coincide with the US visit of his older brother, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Catherine. Buckingham Palace has not yet made any remarks on the new series. “Tell-All Memoir,” a documentary, will be released in January 2023.

In a previous video interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple discussed their decision to separate from the royal family and made news-grabbing claims about their son Archie getting an unfair treatment and the confiscation of Harry’s security without prior notification.

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