The trailer for a documentary on Stan Lee will be released by Marvel on the occasion of his 100th birthday

The trailer for a documentary on Stan Lee's life will be released by Marvel

In a small teaser on the late icon’s 100th birthday, Marvel announced that a documentary on the life and achievements of comic legend Stan Lee will be broadcasted in 2023.

The documentary based on the comic legend Stan Lee is currently under production and its release in the following year. The documentary will air on Disney+. On Marvel’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts, we made an announcement by posting a brief teaser for a documentary titled “Stan Lee” with caption “100 years of dreaming” 100 years of creation “100 years of Stan Lee.”

2023: The Year to Discover the Life and Legacy of Comic Legend Stan Lee – Documentary Premiering Exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar

The documentary is all set to premiere in 2023, streaming only on Disney+ Hotstar. Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and other iconic characters, passed away in 2018 at age 95

He worked his way up the corporate ladder at Timely Publications, a family-run company that would later change its name to Marvel Comics. For two decades, he served as the company’s chief creative officer, guiding its growth from a modest publishing house division to a major multimedia company that ruled the comics and cinema sectors.

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Fans remembered and celebrated the iconic creator’s birthday on Twitter. Director Kevin Smith was one of them and wrote the following: “@TheRealStanLee would have turned 100 today! The @Marvel maestro has always been one of my heroes, but because we collaborated on Mallorats, we truly became friends! The Old Man, with his never-ending stream of grins and good humor, is missed. “Greetings on your birthday, Excelsior Emperor!” His generosity touched me. “Later, when Stan would have turned 100 years old, I was able to thank him.” Among the remarks made by a supporter was, “Cheers to 100 years, Stan.” I’m grateful for all of the fascinating personalities and—most importantly—the memories that go with them. #StanLee

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