Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Love is in the air with ‘The summer we live’, which takes us to the vineyards of Jerez de la Frontera to tell us the story of an impossible romance. But the story actually begins in 1998, when a journalism student (Guiomar Puerta) who is doing an internship in a local newspaper in a coastal town in Galicia finds some very curious obituaries. They basically love letters that have been drawing for decades the relationship between two lovers (Blanca Suárez and Javier Rey). But it seems that it did not end well. Thus, the young woman begins an investigation in which she will try to put all the pieces together and discover what happened so many years ago.

Sedes jumps between eras to show us that great love stories still exist on the big screen. And that makes us think … What other romances bigger than life got us hooked on the movies? We do not answer, but the cast of the film, with whom we spoke during its time at the San Sebastian Festival.

The one that many of them are clear about is ‘The Bridges of Madison’, which, apparently, was one of the great inspirations of the film. The typical one that all actors and actresses have to see as if they were homework during filming to soak up their drama and romance. This one by Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep is, according to Rey, one of those films that are still in force “generation after generation. That does not go out of style. It is also the choice of Pablo Molinero, who believes that it is the paradigm of Hollywood romance.

Suárez stays with ‘Moulin Rouge’, a classic between romance and music, and Carlos Cuevas gives a more alternative touch with ‘Pierrot el loco’ and ‘París, Texas’, while María Pedraza doesn’t even think about it: it is an absolute fan of ‘El Diario de Noa’, one of the most current and iconic within the romantic genre.

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