The Success Story of Mukul Rock

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Mukul Rock

Mukul Rock is one of the famous Indian Rappers, a YouTuber, and a Dancer. He is known for his videos and raps. In 2016, he started his career with Mr. Vansh. He released his song Paisa and after that, he gave many famous hit songs like Attitude and Bhaut Kam. People all over India like his songs. His songs are getting so much love on various platforms like SoundCloud. He lent her voice to various covers like Pehli Nazar.

Born on 1 December 1999 in a Hindu family of Uttarakhand. He is 22 years old now. Whatever he achieved at such a young age is the dream of many. He had a dream to become a successful person. He knows the journey is difficult but not impossible. He was devoted to his work since childhood. Continuity and regular practice make him successful.

He is one of those people who used to keep his life a secret. His father’s name is Shri Sanjay Bhardwaj and his mother’s name is Meena Bhardwaj. His family always supported him to fulfil his passion. Now, his success story inspires many youngsters like him to work hard and follow his passion. He also gets the support of his brother and sister. Their names are Rahul and Priya respectively.

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He is one of the smartest and most handsome YouTubers in India. He has an amazing sense of fashion and style. Not only his fans but his companions also appreciate his style. He is 5’10” and weighs 121 lbs. With his mesmerising black eyes and hair, he attracts huge crowds of girls.

According to various reports he had no girlfriend in the past. He focuses a lot on his work. He completed his graduation from the BA program at DU University. There he also started music and dancing. He used to participate in various singing competitions. Nowadays, millions of people follow him on various social media platforms. According to various magazines, he is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in India.

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