The Story of the Unstoppable: Muhammad Junaid, aka Ganook King

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins
Muhammad Junaid

Ganook King, originally named Muhammad Junaid is a well-known social media influencer from the United Arab Emirates. Ganook King was born on 24th November 1989 in Kohat, Pakistan. He was born and brought up there and eventually shifted to Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates. As of 2021, he is 32 years of age.

Ganook King is a BA graduate. He completed his college/university at Kohat University, Pakistan. He completed his schooling at Internation Public High School, Pakistan. He was said to be academically smart and a very bright student during his academic days.

Muhammad Junaid, aka Ganook King
Muhammad Junaid, aka Ganook King

During this digital era, everyone finds a platform to showcase their talent. The story of this influencer is somewhat similar. Social media has become a platform for introducing new faces in the world of entertainment.

Influencing has been flourishing as people use social media platforms to showcase their daily life. Ganook King has a huge fan following on most of his social media accounts and has gained exceptional popularity in recent years. As of 2021, he has around 1 Million followers on Instagram.

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Ganook King also has a Facebook page and a Likee. Video account. He posts on all his social media accounts regularly, and his followers shower him with love and support with each post uploaded by him.

Ganook king confesses that the reason he was about to become so famous and gain a considerable amount of fan following is due to his PR skills. That is how he is able to grab his audience’s attention and create innovative content.

Ganook King gained popularity due to his passionate affection for shoe collections. His shoe collections include footwear from various exotic brands. He strongly believes in the motto ‘Live Life, King Size.’

His favorite quote is “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”. He uses this quote quite often and strongly believes in this quote, and follows his life based on this.

His followers are always impressed with his vision of life. He is also a big-time animal lover. His posts on Instagram portray his love for animals. Apart from posting about his love for animals and his enormous shoe collection on social media. His Instagram profile is filled with a lot of his cat pictures who he enormously loves. He also posts about stuff related to food, travel, and lifestyle.

His estimated net value is said to be about $1.8 Million. He mainly gets his income through his social media accounts including TikTok and Instagram.

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