The stars of Uljha – Janhvi Kapoor, Gulshan Devaiah, And Roshan Mathew

The stars of Uljha - Janhvi Kapoor, Gulshan Devaiah, And Roshan Mathew


Get ready for the next patriotic thriller from Junglee Pictures, starring Janhvi Kapoor, Gulshan Devaiah, Roshan Mathew, Meiyang Chang, and Sachin Khedekar.

The story is about a young IFS officer from a well-known patriotic family who becomes embroiled in a risky personal conspiracy. She is forced to take on a career-defining challenge after being assigned to a vital position far from her usual surroundings. This contemporary thriller, written by the creative team of Parveez Shaikh and Sudhanshu Saria with dialogue written by Atika Chohan, ensures a singular and unmatched experience while pioneering new territory for the genre.

Recently, Janhvi Kapoor expressed her pleasure at being a part of the movie “Ulajh” in a statement, saying that she was drawn to the script right away. She constantly looks for acting roles that are beyond her comfort zone, and playing a part within the prestigious Indian Foreign Services is a perfect opportunity for her. The film’s title itself alludes to the complexity and intricacy of her character and the plot, posing an exciting and stimulating task. Janhvi Kapoor is looking forward to hearing how the public will react to her portrayal in this brand-new role created by Sudhanshu, who offers a novel viewpoint on the genre. Collaborating with talented co-actors and a reputable production house like Junglee Pictures further adds to her anticipation, as she embarks on this exciting journey for the first time.

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The CEO of Junglee Pictures, Amrita Pandey, reaffirmed the company’s dedication to creating and releasing movies that provide viewers with an original and engrossing experience. The production house places a high premium on working with imaginative people who have unique perspectives. This concept is precisely in line with Sudhanshu’s involvement in the movie “Ulajh.” His artistic sensibility and attention to detail have given each character more nuance and complexity, creating a compelling narrative. The path of putting together such a strong ensemble cast has been energizing as the movie tackles the unknown realm of Indian Foreign Services.

Just in time for the spring blossoms and some cinematic magic to bloom, Ulajh will be released in May.

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