The self made celebrity, stunning Suma Dey, making her kingdom brick by brick

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Actress Suma De

Being a celebrity is not an easy task, it becomes even more difficult when you opt to build it on your own. The gorgeous Suma Dey has determined to shine brighter than a diamond among the debris. She is kick-starting her career with a renowned beauty pageant, and bagging the crown for the Miss India Globe West Bengal, in the year 2019. But the little bit we know that this new enchantress in town will win, back-to-back prestigious titles like Kolkata Queen 2020 (2nd Runner Up), Face of the Year 2021, and Star Night winner 2021. And then she never looked back.

Her passion for modeling made her an actor. The daily soaps like ‘Tomai Amay Mile’, ‘ Kironmala’, ‘Bhule Jeo Na Please’, ‘Agnijol’, ‘Nishir Daak’, ‘Jhildangar Konna’, ‘Rani Rashmoni’, ‘Jamuna Dhaki’, ‘Joy Jagannath’ had experienced her bright presence. She has been proving her acting capabilities in full-length feature films too. Some of her movies are ‘Setara’, Girl Friend’, ‘18 e 72’, ‘Shadow’ etc. Starting from modeling and beauty pageants to feature films she has been making her own mark with her beauty and skill.

Not just within India, she has been cast in many Bangladeshi ad films too, which made her an acclaimed artist beyond the border. Her magnificent beauty was also captured in the Tupperware calendar shoot, released in Kolkata. Apart from her past achievements, she is still working and making her mark in a few very prominent TV shows, modeling assignments, and feature films waiting to be released. Moreover, she is a successful entrepreneur, she owns a Monginis outlet at one of the busiest locations in the town. Recently she organized a Bengali theme-based calendar launch and pool party, at a five-star hotel in Kolkata. The event became the talk of the town after getting covered by 91 National and International news portals.

It can be undoubtedly said the new star of the industry will soon become one of the brightest stars, with her courage to conquer and will to be the best in whatever she does. She has mastered both the art and business and as a woman, she is ready to set up her own queenship by living her life on her own terms.

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Starting with the glamour industry or the business, we are waiting for more achievements from her, to cherish upon in the near future.

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