The quest of ace blogger and entrepreneur duo Md Moshiur Rahman and Sabbir Rayhan to global success

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Md Moshiur Rahman And Sabbir Rayhan

In the world of ever-changing life aspects, the only consistent thing left is the ‘cut-throat competition.’ It is a herculean task to create a distinction and stand out in the hugely populated global space.

The world we live in is filled with two categories of people, the ones who are the leaders and the ones who follow the leaders. The entire world runs in the race to be a leader. But only the one who dares to go beyond the mainstream and cultivates his own way is the one who becomes the leader.

The perfect example of winners, in the line of this race is the story of two young digital entrepreneurs — Md Moshiur Rahman and Sabbir Rayhan.  Born in Bangladesh, both of them are the epitome in the field of online business.

Md Moshiur Rahman, a young enthusiast holds over nine years of experience as an online entrepreneur, Blogger, and Digital Marketing expert at just the age of 19.

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With more than 20 million followers on his social media platforms, Mr Moshiur has been celebrated as a youth influencer who runs his own digital agencies and has his blogs featured on various big digital platforms. A successful web designer and a blogger, he is currently working on many big projects in and outside India.

Sabbir Rayhan, a name that inspires many, holds several achievements in his pocket. At the age of just 21, he is currently the CEO of a news platform, ‘News Bangla’, that caters to over a million audience. He is also the founder of “Bdbazar Patrika”. It doesn’t end here. He also works as the advisor & Managing Director at “City24news”.

He is a pioneer as a blogger and his works are featured on many big platforms like ATN Bangla,, and bd24live. The duo started their journey at a very early age and today are top working with global giants working with international journalists. They succeeded in utilising the plethora of resources available online, in the best possible way and carved out a path for them. Accomplishments beyond their ages, these two are an eternal source of motivation for anyone who aspires to build a career and earn a living as a social media entrepreneur.

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