“The Queen Of Flow”: Extended Official Trailer Of Season 2 And Everything You Know So Far

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

After a successful first season that conquered Latin America and Spain, “La reina del flow” is back in Colombia, with a second installment full of adrenaline, surprises and revenge. Yeimy Montoya (Carolina Ramirez) will face his past again – “Charly Flow” (Carlos Torres) -, in addition to new problems that will put everything he has achieved at risk.

The recordings of the second season of “La reina del flow” officially began in January 2020. However, they were suspended for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The work was only resumed in October and today it is expected to last until next March if no new outbreak of COVID-19 affects production.

As filming is well advanced, the Colombian press estimates that the new episodes of the series will reach television this year, perhaps sooner than one might imagine.


A few days ago the official trailer for the second season of “La Reina del flow” was shared. The video shows how Yeimy Montoya is in her best professional and personal moment with Juancho, but suddenly an enemy appears in her life and begins to chase her, putting everything in danger.

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“Yeimy faces new dangers that threaten her life and that of her family. The appearance of an enemy who knows her very well stalks her, while Juancho, her partner, sees how his producer gives ground to the arrival of a very strong competitor. His world, and that of all the people he loves, reels, while, from the shadows, Charly Flow makes merits to regain his freedom “, wrote Carcol Televisión about this new season.

Now another preview of the series has been shared that won an International Emmy and that has the entire Colombian and Latin American public on the lookout. In the new images we can see that Charlie closely watches Yeimi’s life from prison as he waits to be released.

In another scene we see that the “Queen of Flow” is convinced that Charlie is behind the threats he is receiving. That is why Yeimy visits him in jail and demands explanations, while he asks for forgiveness.

In other images we see that the “Queen of Flow” and Charlie are carried away by the desire between the two. Between kisses and caresses, they return to surrender to the passion and feelings that dominate them.

Ahead we see that Charlie regains his freedom and manages to get out of jail, so Yeimy Montoya faces the fear of losing everything. Yeimy will have to be vigilant on two different fronts to stay safe and protect those she loves most.

Also, “Charly Flow” gradually recovers his life and returns to the music industry competing with Yeimy Montoya, who cannot believe everything that is happening. The images have quickly gone viral on social networks, generating all kinds of reactions from fans.

At the beginning of this January 2021, the actress who gives life to Yeimi, Carolina Ramírez published a photo of the new look of the artist that she will use in the second season. At the same time, he expressed his wish that the pandemic does not affect the recordings that are scheduled until March of this year.

“I am also as anxious as you are to introduce you to this season’s Yeimy. Just cross your fingers so that this new wave of covid does not stop us from recording the last two months that remain… So: Take care of yourself, dear so that life can continue! ”, Commented the actress on Instagram.

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