“The Queen Of Flow” 2: When Will Season 2 Be Released

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

More than two years after the broadcast in Colombia of the end of “La Reina del flow”, the premiere of the second season of the Caracol Televisión and Netflix telenovela is getting closer and closer, still like the story of Yeimy Montoya, the singer that rises from its ashes as played by Carolina Ramírez.

Despite having lost her parents, murdered as a child, Yeimy kept dreaming of a career as an artist, but she hooked up with the wrong people and ended up more than 10 years in prison in the United States for drug trafficking. Her boyfriend himself incriminated her and against him she undertook all her batteries once she regained her freedom.

Today, the second season of “La Reina del flow” is a reality. The recordings have progressed from the beginning of 2020, with the main cast back, in addition to various surprises and many other themes.

At first the recordings were delayed for internal reasons, but then the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) forced the production of Netflix and Caracol to begin their recordings in early 2021. When will the new episodes of the series arrive on the streaming platform? Here we will try to find the answer.

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At the time of publishing this note, neither Netflix nor Caracol Televisión has published an official release date for the second season of “La Reina del flow .”However, thanks to some publications by the actors and the participants of their production, the approximate date of their arrival on the platform can be known.

At the beginning of April 2019, actress Carolina Ramírez declared to Vea Magazine that the scripts for the second season had begun to be written and she hoped to start recording soon. However, in July of the same year, when he spoke with La Voz de Galicia, he acknowledged that at that time he did not know if the new chapters would finally be made.

Fortunately, after several delays, filming started on January 16, 2020: “In this second (season) we will be under the baton of (directors) Klych López and Andrés López (…), in a season that promises many things: new characters, new music, renewed looks but without losing that essence that made them stick to the television for 83 episodes. This time it will be 80”, revealed Ramírez, as reported by Metro Ecuador r.

“With great emotion, we have started the recording of the second season of ‘La Reina del flow’, which is fully recharged, with the endearing characters from the first season and many new elements both in terms of music and characters. We have worked very hard to achieve a story that does not stop surprising and with which we hope to exceed the enormous expectations that both the public and the market have, “added Juana Uribe, vice president of Canal de Caracol Televisión, at the beginning of the recordings.

A week ago, on January 8, 2021, Carolina Ramírez herself published a photo of Yeimi Montoya’s new look in the new second season, with a show look, stage makeup and a silver sequin suit. However, most information was given in the description of the photo:

“I am also anxious like you to be able to introduce you to this season’s Yeimy; Just cross your fingers so that this new wave of covid does not stop us recording the last two months that remain … Therefore: Take care of yourself dear so that life can continue! “Commented the actress in her Instagram post.

If this statement is true, the recordings of “La Reina del flow” season 2 will end in March 2021. Considering at least one month in the post-production stage, since these works can progress in the two remaining months, the second season of the series could arrive in May 2021.

This would be the earliest date that the series would premiere, but it is very likely that, if the recordings are delayed due to the pandemic, season 2 of “The queen of flow” will premiere on Netflix at the end of 2021. For now, it only remains to wait for an official confirmation from the production companies, to know when exactly Yeimi Montoya will return to the small screen.

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