The Professor Doppelganger In Pakistan – Is This A Sign of New Heist in Making?

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Money Heist Professor's Doppelganger In Pakistan

The Professor: With the release of Money Heist Volume 1 of Season 5 of Money Heist, fans are going gaga over the show. The show is a treat to the eyes of crime-thriller lovers and has been very popular in India. It has been #1 in India since its release on 3rd September 2021.

A Viral Picture Has Left The Fans In A Split

Reportedly, ‘Money Heist’ fans from Pakistan have found a doppelganger of the mastermind behind the great Heist- ‘The Professor’. Even though Professor was very popular among the fans for his intelligence and quick-wittedness, he is again in the limelight. But this time due to his doppelganger. Alvaro Morte played the role of Professor in the series Money Heist. However, A Pakistani man was seen doing some calculations in his local grocery store when a Money Heist fan clicked his photo. The photo went viral on the internet as the user tweeted ‘We all know where the planning of the heist took place.

Professor Made in Pakistan?

Another user tweeted  ‘Professor is now entering in Kirana shop(Grocery store) business in Pakistan‘.  However, it is still unclear that from where and when the picture is clicked. It is being said the professor look-alike has been spotted in Pakistan. The resemblance between Alvaro Morte and the man in the widely circulated photo is striking! Social Media was already filled with a meme fest related to Money Heist Season Finale, now the attention is grabbed by The Professor’s doppelganger.

After the release of Volume 1, fans are eagerly waiting for Volume 2. However, Volume 2 of the final season will be dropped on 3 December 2021. Then, the most famous heist will come to an end.

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