The phone will not be unlocked without your consent, know what is lockdown mode?

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Smartphone Tips and Tricks: In today’s time all smartphone fingerprint sensor (Fingerprint Sensor) and face lock (Face Lock) are with. Almost all users use this security feature, in which many people use fingerprint sensor lock. (Fingerprint Sensor Lock) make use of. fingerprint lock (fingerprint Lock) With this, users are able to keep their phones locked, but anyone can unlock the phone with their finger while sleeping.

If you also have some kind of fear that the phone can be unlocked by taking advantage of your gold, then you can use lockdown mode to avoid this. In terms of security, the smartphone maker Samsung, which comes second in terms of security, gives lockdown mode in its phone, which will not be able to unlock the phone without your consent. Let us tell you about the lockdown mode and tell you the easy way to turn it on.

What is lockdown mode in phone?

Lockdown mode is the best feature in terms of security in the phone. All current smartphones have fingerprint lock, due to which anyone can unlock the phone using your finger while sleeping. At the same time, the lockdown mode gives additional protection. The job of this mode is to prevent unlocking of the phone through biometric and voice recognition in the phone. This means that even if you are sleeping, no one can use your finger to unlock the phone.

This is how lockdown mode will be turned on in Samsung phones

  • Open your Samsung phone’s Settings.
  • If you want, you can also tap on the lock screen.
  • After this go to the option of Secure lock settings.
  • Enter your phone’s PIN or password here.
  • Then tap on the Lockdown option.
  • After selecting the lockdown option, the lockdown mode will be activated.
  • You can use the power button to turn on this mod.
  • By holding down the Power button for a short while the lockdown mode will be turned on.
  • After this the lockdown mode will be shown on the screen of the phone.
  • After this you will open the phone only with pin and password.

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