April Fool’s Day origins and why its celebrated!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
April Fool's Day is the day to celebrate prank and jokes.

Despite the fact that April 1st is not a recognized holiday. Many people around the world celebrate it as a day for pranks.  Also known as All Fools’ Day, which falls on the first of the month. It is customary to perform practical pranks and disseminate hoaxes on April Fool’s Day. It is regarded as a day to relax, have fun, and tease loved ones.

Origin of April Fool’s Day

The most common April Fool’s Day custom is to perform practical pranks or hoaxes on others. Often with the intention of making them appear foolish. The specific origins of the occasion are unknown, but there are some concepts.

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One theory claims that it dates back to the sixteenth century. the moment France shifted to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar. The Julian calendar marked the New Year on April 1. On the other hand, New Year’s Day was moved to January 1 when the Gregorian period was established.  People continued to celebrate April 1st as the New Year. Since some people were slow to catch on to the shift or didn’t know it had been shifted to January 1st. Some made fun of them, sent them on “fool’s errands,” or played practical pranks on them.

Another idea is that it is descended from ancient spring festivals such as Hilaria. Which was observed in ancient Rome at the end of March, and Holi, which is also celebrated in late March. These festivities include pranks and general revelry. Whatever may be the real origin theory of, April Fool’s Day. It has become a famous and humorous holiday in many countries. It’s an opportunity for people to play practical jokes with their acquaintances, relatives, and coworkers while having a good time. But it’s important to keep in mind that quips should always be innocuous entertainment and shouldn’t degrade or offend anyone.

Some Of The Famous Pranks that took over World

The BBC’s 1957 Panorama spoof, which implied that pasta grew on Swiss branches, is one of the most well-known practical jokes. Google’s 2013 announcement of “Google Nose,” a search tool that claimed to enable users to look for smells, was another well-known practical joke.


The popularity of social media has led to an increase in the complexity and reach of April 1 jokes. For instance, Snapchat, a business, released a filter in 2018 that gave the impression that a passenger was taking a photo with a flying airplane in the backdrop. Some individuals truly thought the joke to be true because it was so convincing.

A lot of businesses take advantage of April Fool’s Day to interact with their clients and advertise their goods and services. For instance, Burger King revealed the introduction of a “Meatless Whopper” in 2019 that is composed completely of plants. At first, there was a lot of skepticism about the news, but it turned out to be a genuine product that has since gained popularity.



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